Galaxy Fold 6 to offer new time-telling tool, but who knows why?

It probably won’t be the headline feature when Samsung launches the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6, but a new way to access the faithful old clock appears to be on the way.

Samsung is reportedly planning to integrate a ‘double tap’ gesture, which will summon the time when you give your new Galaxy foldable a little love tap on its ample behind.

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The update to the Good Lock app co-developed by Samsung – which enables users to customise their experience beyond what OneUI traditionally offers – was revealed by the development team ResiStar.

Other Good Lock features, like grabbing a screenshot or opening an app on command requires the phone to be unlocked and the display to be on. This one will work when the display is off, RegiStar says.

As spotted by a @tarunvats on Twitter (via 9to5Google), Registar confirms: “This feature helps you check the time by tapping the back of device even in an environment where it is difficult to see the screen, and aims to improve accessibility.

“In particular, this feature works even ‘when the screen is turned off’ unlike the other Back-Tap actions, so it is expected to be of great help to those who need this feature.”

It may be useful in situations where you’re struggling to hit the display on button to reveal the time, perhaps?However, simply lifting the device is usually enough to power on the display. Indeed, modern Galaxy phones have an always-on display mode which showcases the time and key notifications without running the battery down too much.

Anyway, this is going to be a thing on the new foldable apparently before trickling down to older Galaxy phones in the range thereafter, according to the reports.

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