Georgia SoftWorks Announces Telnet Server for Windows Feature Release

GSW Telnet Server for Windows

We will do whatever it takes to always offer the strongest authentication features available.

Georgia SoftWorks announces the release of their UTS (Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows) Version 8.07.0002. The GSW UTS is excellent with mobile devices in RFID, RF Terminal, Bar Code scanners and other data collection and wireless environments.

The latest version of the GSW UTS includes several new features. IP Address has been added to GSW Event Log, HASP drivers have been updated and support for the new Windows 10 is added. There are also new command-line options for selection of ciphers, host key algorithms, key exchange algorithms, and macs added. There have been documentation updates and copyright updates, as well as the default log file size increased to 10mb.

“We strive to continually improve our products. We want to stay on the cutting edge with the GSW UTS and other products,” said Doug Hitchcock of Georgia SoftWorks. “We will do whatever it takes to always offer the strongest authentication features available.”

Georgia SoftWorks is a software development company that develops industrial quality software designed for the most rigorous commercial environments. GSW has gained its worldwide recognition from the development of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows. They have end users and resellers on every continent (except Antarctica) and operate in a variety of industries throughout the world. The Georgia SoftWorks UTS has been used in demanding industrial environments since the 1990’s, providing consistent operation, high-end features, performance and unmatched security.

The Telnet Server for Windows Release, in with the GSW SSH Server for Windows release, provides an easy-to-implement security plan that offers true End-to-End security. To further enhance security, Georgia SoftWorks also published a feature release for the GSW Business Tunnel, which is a connectivity tool that allows secure access to non-secure locations through an SSH Server. GSW Business Tunnel Version 1.27.0009 is now available for shipping and distribution.

About Georgia SoftWorks:

Established in 1991, Georgia SoftWorks is a privately held software development company recognized for creating high performance data communications, system and telecommunications applications. Georgia SoftWorks has obtained a worldwide presence with its industrial SSH/Telnet Server for Microsoft Windows. GSW’s long-term commitment to SSH/Telnet has led to the pioneering of major features such as Session Shadowing, Session Monitoring, Graceful Termination, Automatic Logon, Logon Scripting and more recently Team Services technology which allows mobile device users to transfer, swap, share and recover mobile device sessions. GSW has also provided the very first SSH Server to provide Digital Certificate Authentication with an Internet Information Server (IIS) like certificate-to-user account mapping. This includes ‘One-to-one’ and ‘Many-to-one’ mapping methods and also supports certificate trust lists (CTL).

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