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In the fight for supremacy of the console, the Microsoft team lowered the price for it’s console which still sells for a lower price than its competitor. Lots of new information has been released for the Xbox One recently which favour the console over its PS4 version. Like the release of the upcoming March update for the console which will bring lots of new possibilities to the console. Also, the claim of the Xbox team boss Phil Spencer, where he said that “We knew about the DirectX 12 when we developed the Xbox One” by which he basically wanted to say that the Xbox console will reap more benefits of the DirectX 12 as compared to its competitor. So yes, Xbox is setting it all up for its console and in that essence we have news regarding the console. Xbox One gold membership is on a sale.

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Xbox Live Gold Membership is Selling for $39.99

The Xbox Live Gold membership is on sale for $39.99 but it is only a temporary situation as Aaron Greenberg confirmed earlier that this is only a temporary price cut. If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to buy the gold membership for your Xbox, here is the perfect catalyst to buy your membership for the Xbox Live which has its benefits aside from the obvious online multiplayer capability.

Games with Gold: Every month the Xbox Live offers free games to its members for both, the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. This will slowly allow you to build up your games collection. You can find out which Xbox Live games are on offer for the upcoming month of march if you Click here.

Deals with Gold: Along with the free games Xbox Live also offers weekly discounts for many popular games which is another way to cheaply build up your gaming arsenal with games. The deals offer great value for money as the discounts on offer are quite big and even if you have to pay the whole $60 for your subscription, enough discounts are offered to easily cover the whole years subscription cost for a user. But still, it is better to be on your guard for any discount on offer for the Xbox Live Gold membership just so you can save some extra bucks for gaming or elsewhere.

The discount are on offer as a digital download or you can just order the Card for the Xbox Live membership but there is not a big need to wait for the card as all you need is the code which you can receive digitally with ease.

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