Gitzo Safari GH2780FQR ball-head Review

Unless you’re in a marketplace for a inexpensive all-in-one from a discount shelve during your internal Jessops, chances are you’ll need to brew and compare your choice of tripod and head.

All of a several tripod conduct designs have their advantages and disadvantages: geared three-way heads are unusually accurate if a small fiddly, unchanging three-way vessel and lean heads are discerning despite unwieldy, and two-way heads are unusually well-spoken though miss a coherence of being means to flip from landscape to portrait. Ball-head attachments, meanwhile, can be practiced and sealed unusually quickly, nonetheless they do also miss a pointing of their peers.
Gitzo 4
The Gitzo GH2780FQR is a precision-engineered magnesium ball-head from
Gitzo’s outdoors-orientated Safari range. Being a Series 2 (which,
ultimately, only means it’s some-more strong than a Series 1 model) model
it’s an ideal compare for a GT2540FT tripod we’ve also reviewed. In
fact, it’s a unequivocally same conduct we had trustworthy while we were out and
about contrast that sold tripod.

Weighing in during 518 grams
the ball-head component of a GH2780FQR offers a 360-degree panoramic
rotation, alongside 95-degrees of parallel tilt. This is associated to a
separate 360-degree breathtaking transformation during a bottom of a section that acts
exclusively of a ball-head partial and that can also be locked

Gitzo 1

Having this eccentric control over panoramic
movement is unequivocally useful since it enables we to use a mounted
camera in possibly landscape or mural course with finish freedom
of movement. In addition, 3 built-in suggestion levels can be used to
ensure turn horizons before we start shooting.

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