Google Chrome now alerts you to price drops on products you’re browsing

The latest version of Google Chrome on Android will now help shoppers ensure they get the best prices possible for the products they’re eyeing up online.

There’s now a price drop tracker in the tab grid, which will let users know if a product listing they have open in a tab is now available for less.

If you’re looking at the tab grid, you’ll see an overlay with the new price, as if you were searching all over again. The company says it’s designed to ensure “don’t have time to constantly refresh the page” and is ideal if you’re seeking the best deals.

The ‘track prices’ feature can now be unlocked for Chrome on Android phones by selecting the menu button in the top right corner of the the app. You’ll see the new feature appear within the list and you can toggle it on and off.

“Are you waiting for a good deal on that pair of headphones, but don’t have time to constantly refresh the page?” the company writes in a blog post. “A new mobile feature, available this week on Chrome for Android in the U.S., will show an item’s updated price right in your open tabs grid so you can easily see if and when the price has dropped. This same feature will launch on iOS in the coming weeks.”

Chrome price drop feature

So, if you’re anticipating a price drop on a particular product, all you’ll need to do is leave that tab open and it’ll be refreshed automatically. It’s hardly ideal if you’ve got loads of things on your shopping list and have to leave loads of tabs open, but helpful nonetheless.

Elsewhere, Chrome is now helping users keep tabs on the shopping cards they have filled, but not checked out. It’s in the US, first and foremost.

Google writes: “Starting with Chrome on Windows and Mac in the U.S., you can now open up a new tab and scroll to the “Your carts” card to quickly see any site where you’ve added items to a shopping cart. Some retailers, like Zazzle, iHerb, Electronic Express and Homesquare, might even offer a discount when you come back to check out.”

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