Google could be working on another Galaxy Fold-like foldable

Google is working on not one, but two foldable Pixel phones, according to a report by 9to5Google.

We already know that Google has been developing one foldable under the codename “Passport” from another 9to5Google report published last summer. We haven’t heard much about Passport just yet but the phone is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

Which brings us to “Jumbojack” – Google’s second foldable. 

According to a source familiar with Android, Jumbojack is referenced several times in the latest Android 12 beta. 

It seems the foldable is being used to test Android features for folding screens, such as “posture”, which relates to the positioning of the hinge being open, closed, half-open and flipped. 

Jumbojack itself apparently includes two displays with the second becoming unusable once the phone is folded – much like the current Galaxy Z Fold 3 design. However, 9to5Google also speculates that the Jumbojack name could be a reference to a cheeseburger and thus suggest the phone folds hamburger style like the Z Flip 3. 

While it’s totally possible Jumbojack exists to allow Google to test foldable features, the device is also referred to as a Pixel making it seem as though Google has a new phone in the works. 

There are also a number of exclusive features available on Jumbojack that won’t roll out to other foldables until Android 12.1, including the way the device handles split screen. 

That said, there’s been little indication of a release date at this point, so we’ll have to see if the mystery Pixel foldable arrives before Android 12.1 rolls out in the future.

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