Google I/O Preview: 5 Things to expect and how to watch

Google I/IO takes place on Tuesaday May 14, with Brits able to tune-in after work. We’re expecting Android 15, loads of Google Gemini AI advancements, and perhaps even a little hardware sprinkled in

Google fans will have had May 14 circled on the calendar for weeks now, as the search and mobile giant preares to put its best foot forward for the rest of the year.

Google I/O is traditionally where the company reveals its lateat software advancements, sprinkles in a bit of hardware and adds loads of the old Google magic to its products, to make life that little bit easier.

How to watch Google I/O 2024

You can tune into the Google I/O keynote address from 10am local time on Tuesday May 14. That’s 6pm UK time. As usual, the event is being live streamed on YouTube.

Bookmark this page as you’ll be able to watch in the embedded video below.

Gemini everywhere

It’s been a long, long 12 months in AI. Last year’s Google I/O might as well have been called Google A/I and we expect that trend to intensify on May 14. Google’s Gemini LLM (fka Bard) is ready to replace the Google Assistant for those opting in.

We’re also likely to hear how Gemini is going to benefit a host of core Google services like Search, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Photos, as well as its productivity apps.

It might not only be Android users who benefit either, with persistent rumours Apple has struck a deal with Google to bring Gemini to iPhone users in iOS 18. We’re liable to hear all about that at WWDC though, rather than at Google I/O.

Android 15

The new version of Android is usually the Google I/O headliner, but Android 15 is likely to be overshadowed by the masses of new Google Gemini enhancements the company will be infusing into its entire product line, regardless of the version of Android.

However, Android 15 is likely to be a key reason for the masses to tune into the keynote. The beta is already out in the wild, but Google I/O is likely to be where the company puts some meat on them bones.

Recent indications suggest Google is planning to offer satellite messaging, new Bluetooth features, a display mode designed to reduce eye-strain further, while there’ll be improved video stabilisation judging by recent dives into the Android 15 beta back-end code.

Android 15 is highly likely to launch on the Pixel 9 series this autumn, and be available on day one to Pixel owners.

Pixel Fold 2

With the Pixel 8a release pre-dating Google I/O this year the hardware charge might be led by the oft-leaked Pixel Fold 2 handset, which is potentially a significant update on last year’s model with a lighter design, a larger cover screen, thinner bezels and a new camera array that eschews the Pixel series’ camera bar in favour of a square camera bump. It’s also possible Google might debut the Tensor G4 processor within the Pixel Fold 2 rather than wait for the Pixel 9.

It’s also possible the Pixel Fold 2 will be a Pixel 9 Pro device that won’t be announced until later this year.

New Chromecast with Google TV

Hardware announcements are unlikely to be plentiful at Google I/O this year, but it’s rumoured Google could launch a new version of the Chromecast with Google TV device with 4K capabilities. It’s been four years since Google announced the original.

Wear OS 5

As well as Android 15, Google could renew its wearable operating system with a fresh version of Wear OS, which powers the Pixel Watch series as well as the Samsung Galaxy Watch and others from the TicWatch series. Google revealed Wear OS 4 at the event last year, so it’s possible the next update drops here.

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