Google Search adds a guitar tuner in major/minor new feature

Google has added the ability for users to tune their music instrument using search, joining the existing functionality available on the Google Assistant.

The new service, which users can access by searching for “Google tuner”, will load a chromatic tuner similar to some of the apps available in the App Store or Play Store. You’ll need to enable the microphone, if you haven’t done so already.

From here, you’ll be able to play strings on your guitar and see a visualisation on whether it’s flat, sharp or just right. It’s quite basic, but works pretty well (via Android Police).

You won’t be able to access different tunings like half step down or drop D so you’ll need to find those notes manually using the on-screen indicator. For a deeper experience, you’ll need something like the existing Fender Tune app, which is my tuning app of choice.

However, this new functionality could be handy in a pinch for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s available on mobile and desktop, via voice and keyboard search, and it’s platform agnostic so Android and iPhone users can jump on board.

To access the existing voice functionality, users can say “Hey Google, tune my instrument” or “Hey Google, play a G” if you’re comfortable with turning by ear. The Google Assistant feature has been available for ages, so it’s good to see Google add another handy skill to search.

It joins other offbeat Google Search features like the ability to play Pac-Man, flip a coin, roll a dice, set a timer, act as a calculator, get up to date flight information, measure your internet speed, show you IP address, load a spirit level, check a restaurant’s average wait time, view time zones, get delivery updates and much, much more.

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