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I was blown away when I heard eMastered for the first time. It did such an incredible job for a variety of different songs that I threw at it. I wish it had existed when I was starting out. – CID (Grammy Winning Producer)

Grammy Award-winning engineer Smith Carlson and hit EDM singer/producer Collin McLoughlin announce the launch of eMastered, an online tool redefining the way musicians approach audio mastering. eMastered enables users to instantly master recordings online, making what is traditionally a complex and expensive process much more simple, affordable, and accessible to musicians worldwide.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest names in music at some of the top studios in the world, so I’ve seen first-hand how intricate and important the mastering process truly is,” said eMastered Co-Founder Smith Carlson, who was recently awarded a Grammy for his engineering work on Taylor Swift’s album 1989. “Many artists don’t have studio budgets behind them to pay professional engineers, so their songs aren’t quite ready for the radio or even YouTube. With eMastered, our goal was to create a way for all musicians to be able to achieve that professional sound quality.”

Audio mastering is an essential part of the post-production process. It prepares a song for commercial release by bringing it to commercial volume standards and utilizing techniques such as compression and equalization to improve the sound quality. The process traditionally requires a skilled sound engineer to spend hours in the studio; but with eMastered, artists can now simply upload their raw audio files to be mastered automatically, with just the click of a button.

“In the era of instant uploads to sites like Soundcloud and YouTube a tool like eMastered can be a real game changer for artists,” Said the site’s Co-Founder Collin McLoughlin, who found himself on season three of NBC’s The Voice after gaining popularity with his YouTube cover videos. “Looking back at my early YouTube videos and iTunes singles I always cringe at the audio quality. I wish I’d had this technology in my early producing days.”

The team sought the input of Grammy winning producers and engineers when developing their mastering engine to ensure that the product met professional standards, and they plan to continue incorporating feedback from the music community after launch. Producer Tae Beast, known for his work on Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy winning album To Pimp A Butterfly, has been an early supporter of eMastered, saying, “I tried eMastered on an instrumental that I did some light mixing on, and the engine did some great EQ’ing and compression. It really enhanced the track.”

CID, a Grammy Winning producer in the EDM space has also been a supporter of eMastered. “I was blown away when I heard eMastered for the first time. It did such an incredible job for the variety of different songs that I threw at it, and I wish it had existed when I was starting out. This is a game changer for the music community.” – CID

After much anticipation, eMastered is now available to the public, offering a free trial period of the service for early users. All that’s required is clicking to upload audio files and waiting as eMastered’s proprietary engine works behind the scenes to create a tailored mastering process that’s unique to each individual upload. The result: studio caliber sound without ever having to leave the house.

For more information or to sign up, visit https://eMastered.com

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