Gran Saga Collaborates with an All-Star Cast of Voice Actors and Famous Artists

Famous voice actors and artists make an appearance in the highly acclaimed game, Gran Saga

SEOUL, South Korea, May 31, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Gran Saga is an MMORPG that features anime-style graphics, stunning visuals, and action-packed gameplay. Following its success in Korea, Japan, and other major Asian countries, Gran Saga is planning to expand services to a global audience.

One unique aspect of Gran Saga is its artwork and full voice-over. Highly acclaimed voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda, who played Nanami Kento from Jujutsu Kaisen, provided the voice of the in-game narrator, and other popular voice actors such as Kaji Yuki (Eren from Attack on Titan), Akari Kito (Kamado Nezuko from Kimetsu no Yaiba), Aoi Yuki (Diane from Seven Deadly Sins), Sawashiro Miyuki (Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact), Hiroki Yasumoto (Shingo Kinjou from Yowamushi Pedal), Junichi Suwabe (Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist) are also included in the cast. Collaborating with more than 160 renowned voice actors allows the game to offer an immersive and enjoyable experience to players. It was revealed that over 100,000 lines have been dubbed to better portray the characters and bring each of them to life.

It doesn’t stop here however, as Gran Saga’s accomplishments go far beyond in-game features. The soundtrack for Gran Saga was created in collaboration with Yoko Shimomura, a composer of the Kingdom Hearts series. Her music can also be heard in the official game trailer. To listen to the soundtracks, visit the following link. Furthermore, Yoshitaka Amano, the illustrator behind the Final Fantasy series, is said to have worked on Gran Saga’s logo illustration. These artistic endeavors along with the voice actors’ performances have helped to make the game a success in Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries.

Having confirmed a global launch, Gran Saga has opened a website to act as a channel for communication with the global audience. For the latest Gran Saga updates, please visit https://www.gransaga.com and follow Gran Saga Global on social media: X

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