Gran Turismo 6 refurbish adds a new car, track, and B-Spec Mode

Polyphony Digital has expelled a new refurbish for Gran Turismo 6 that adds a new car, a new track, and B-Spec Mode.

Gran Turismo 6 owners can squeeze the MINI Clubman Vision Gran Turismo from a Vision GT choice within a CARS territory in “My Home” once a refurbish has installed. However, to save some money, players can can also get a automobile by completing a path (regardless of a path time) in a new Seasonal Event.

The refurbish also adds a Mid-Field Raceway lane to a game. “The popular, strange lane from prior Gran Turismo’s creates a quip in a new and softened version,” a developer explains. “This high speed circuit is built on a towering landscape full of inclines and descents. Made worse by a famous class distant channel where a instruction of a path round changes, and a prolonged prosaic out sections and midst to high speed corners – this is a loyal plea for all GT fans.”

As good as this, there’s also a new B-Spec Mode, where an AI motorist will finish a competition for a player. B-Spec is accessible now for all Career Mode events and is designed “for those races that we competence find formidable to finish such as some of a longer continuation races,” according to Polyphony.

Other improvements enclosed in this refurbish embody stretched paint options and a ability to paint a physique of the “Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo” and a “Chevrolet 2X Vision Gran Turismo.”

Source: PlayStation Blog

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