Hive just announced the Mini Thermostat

The Hive Mini Thermostat has been unveiled, with the company’s next-generation smart heating device having a tentative release date of early 2022.

The Hive Mini is the newest member of the Hive Active Heating family and has been designed to be a more affordable alternative to the standard Hive Thermostat.

The Mini has geolocation technology that knows if you have left the heating on after you’ve left the house and will send you a notification to turn it off, helping you to cut down on costs as well as wasted energy.

You can also link up the Hive App with a Hive Contact Sensor (if you have one to hand), which goes one step further and will turn off your heating when you close the front door on your way out.

When everything’s set-up in the Hive App, you can start setting schedules for your Hive Mini, as well as a target temperature, and switch between heating or hot water modes. There is a Frost Protection mode which turns the heating on when the temperature drops below 7-degrees in your home so your pipes don’t freeze.

Hive Mini Thermostat

If you’re the proud owner of any other Hive devices then you can connect all of them in the app to better manage your electricity usage. Plus, you have the option of controlling your Hive Mini with Google Assistant or Alexa for an even more streamlined experience.

Additonal features, such as an integrated budget tracker and a heating efficiency monitor are available via the Hive subscription service, Hive Heating Plus. The service currently costs £3.99 a month.

Hive Mini Thermostat

You can register your internet for the Hive Mini Thermostat on the Hive website so you’ll be the first to know when it’s officially on sale.

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