HONOR is launching the Magic3 Series with quad camera

HONOR is introducing its latest fusion quad-camera photography technology in the HONOR Magic3 Series, to be launched in China.

HONOR has been working on some photography technology that should improve basic image quality and scenario experience to provide a better photography experience.

This new tech is implemented in the companies latest phone, the Magic3 Series.

The ultra fusion quad-camera features the main camera and a monochrome camera, which is supposed to help provide better texture and details within images.

The colour main camera can also be used with a wide-angle focal range, or the ultra-wide-angle camera, to capture more of your environment with vivid colour and detail.

To help align the two photos produced by the two sensors, the Magic3 adopts AI, which can help ensure that the pixel levels in each photo are aligned, which improves the rate of image fusion.

HONOR claims that this method images the image clarity by 18%, while the light intake goes up by 13%, which should bring higher quality images with more detail and better lighting, even in darker environments.

HONOR also says that using the main camera alongside the ultra-wide-angle lens can help produce a better quality image by filling in the details of the middle part of the image from the main camera, which increases the clarity of the centre by 80%.

The ultra-wide-angle lens sits at 13MP, while the Magic3 Pro+ features HONOR’s highest resolution, with a 64MP ultra-wide-angle lens.

The camera also uses Smart Zone Smoothing, which should help make sure photos are clear and natural-looking, even after undergoing AI fusion.

The fusion algorithm has been designed based on the HONOR Image Engine platform, which can optimise different aspects of your photos, including RGB, grayscale, spectrum and depth.

The integrated end-to-end imaging capabilities across various platforms helps deliver high-quality images with a consistent style and helps better integrate the Magic3’s four cameras.

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