How to change the default browser in Windows 11

Everyone has their favourite browser and, if it isn’t Microsoft Edge, you’ll want to know how to make the change in Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge has become a better browser in recent years, and new features from ChatGPT-boosted Bing are intriguing too, but it might not be your cup of tea.

Whether you’re a fan of Google Chrome, Brave browser, or anything else, here’s our guide on how to change the default browser in Windows 11.

Setting your new default doesn’t cover all the bases, as Microsoft doesn’t make it that simple. For a more thorough fix, check out our troubleshooting tips at the end of this article.

What you’ll need:

  • A Windows 11 PC or laptop
  • Your preferred browser

The Short Version:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Click Default Apps
  • Locate your chosen browser
  • Select “Set Default” towards the top right of the page
  1. Step

    Open Settings

    To open the Settings app, click Start then type “Settings” into the search box. Then, click Settings.

  2. Step

    Select Apps

    From the list on the left side of the window, click Apps.

  3. Step

    Click Default Apps

    You’ll be shown a new list in the centre of the page, select Default Apps.

  4. Step

    Locate your chosen browser

    A list of apps will be shown. Find your preferred browser in the list or type its name into the search box. Then, select.

  5. Step

    Select “Set Default” towards the top right of the page

    At the top of the page it will say, “Make … your default browser.” Click Set Default.


Why can’t I change my default browser in Windows 11?

While these steps do set your default browser as your chosen option, it doesn’t cover every single instance of opening a link. Microsoft Edge will remain the browser for links opened in Windows apps – there’s no simple fix for changing this. You can be more comprehensive by returning to the Default Apps page, searching for Microsoft Edge, and changing as many options to your default browser as Windows will allow you to.

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