How to delete a PS4 account

Anyone who has owned a PS4 for a number of years has likely amassed a lot of user accounts.

And if at least one of those accounts will likely never be used again, then you’ll probably want to delete it to free up a little storage space.

However, deleting your PS4 account will mean you’ll be losing save data, videos and screenshots for that account. So make sure to back up all of the data on this account either to the cloud (via PlayStation Plus) or an external hard drive.

But how do you delete a PS4 account? We’re going to guide you through the process below, step by step.

Hardware Used

The Short Version

  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down to and click Login Settings
  • Select User Management
  • Hit Delete User
  • Pick the account you want to delete
  • Confirm that you’re happy to delete account
  1. Step

    Click on Settings

    From the PS4 homescreen, click on Settings. You should find it sandwiched between the Trophy and Power icons.

  2. Step

    Click on Login Settings. You’ll find this below Parental Controls, and above Network.

  3. Step

    Select User Management

    Scroll down right to the bottom, and select User Management.

  4. Step

    Hit Delete User

    Move down to Delete User, and select it.

  5. Step

    Pick the account you want to delete

    You’ll see a list of all of the user accounts on your PS4. Select the account you wish to delete.

  6. Step

    Confirm that you’re happy to delete account

    Sony will then double check you’re happy to delete the account. Press ‘Yes’ and then the process should be completed.


How to delete PlayStation Network account?

Deleting your PlayStation Network is entirely different to a user profile saved on your console. Deleting a PlayStation Network will erase all of the games you’ve purchased, as well as any remaining funds in your wallet.

In order to do this, head over to the PlayStation support page, select Account & Security and then click Change Online ID & Other Account Questions. From here, you can request a chat to speak to a member of the support team who can complete the process.

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