How to play Wordle offline on your PC or phone

Wordle is a daily word game that has become immensely in the past few months. Here’s how to play it offline.

One of the main draws to Wordle is that (no matter how hard people have tried to copy the game) there is no official app to download. The game sticks with a simple, clean webpage with no flashy ads or subscription fees.

However, this makes playing Wordle offline – on your commute to work or on a plane, for example – a little tricky. 

The game’s sale to the New York Times has also had many fans fretting over whether the game will end up trapped behind a paywall at some point in the future. 

Thankfully, both of these issues can be solved by downloading the game to your device. The beauty of this game is that, because years of answers are stored in code ahead of time, you could theoretically play the game for free until 2027, regardless of paywalls or a lack of Internet connection.

We’ve put together this step-by-step guide to teach you how to access Wordle offline. You can also head over to our other guides to learn what Wordle is, along with our favourite tips and tricks for mastering the popular word game. 

How to play Wordle offline 

Aaron Rieke posted an informative thread explaining why downloading Wordle makes it possible to play offline back in February (via CNET). 

One loss you will have to come to terms with when downloading Wordle is that the game will no longer record your wins, meaning you can say goodbye to your hard-earned streak. If you’re okay with that, keep reading. 

See below for our step-by-step guide on downloading Wordle on your laptop or PC, or scroll down to the bottom of the page to find out how to download the game on your iOS or Android phone… 

What you’ll need: 

  • A laptop or PC 
  • Internet access to download the game the first time 

The Short Version 

  1. Open Wordle 
  2. Save the site to your device as a webpage 
  3. Open the file to play Wordle anywhere – with or without an Internet connection.

How to play Wordle offline

  1. These steps should work in any browser but we used Chrome for our screenshots. Go to Wordle

  2. Step

    Right-click anywhere on the page

    This will bring up a menu. Right click

  3. Step

    Click Save As

    This could look like Save As in Microsoft Edge or Save Page As in Safari. Click Save as

  4. Step

    Name your file

    We recommend something obvious like Wordle, but you can name it anything you want. You’ll want to make sure the file type is a web page so it saves it as an HTML document, though. Name the file

  5. Step

    Click Save

    This will send a shortcut to your desktop, downloads or wherever you’ve chosen to save it. Click Save

  6. Step

    Double-click your shortcut

    You can also right-click the shortcut and hover over Open With if you don’t want to use your default browser. Double click to open the file

  7. Step

    That’s it!

    You can now play Wordle offline in your browser (just don’t expect the game to save your streak). Wordle will open offline


Can I download Wordle on my iPhone?

Yes, you can download the game on your iPhone, though you will need to install the Microsoft Edge browser to play it. 

All you need to do is open Wordle in Safari, tap Share, tap Options, tap Web Archive, tap Done, tap Save to Files, choose a folder and tap Save. Then head over to the Files app, press and hold Wordle, tap Share, tap Edge and tap Open in Microsoft Edge. 

Can I download Wordle on my Android phone?

Yes, you can download Wordle on your Android phone.

Simply head over to Wordle in the Chrome app, tap the three dot menu, tap Download, tap the three dot menu again and tap Downloads. You can now access Wordle offline from here.

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