How to watch House of the Dragon episode 5 and watch all episodes over the weekend for free

How to watch House of the Dragon Episode 5: You can catch up with all episodes of the GoT spin-off and stream House of the Dragon Episode 5 live in the UK.

House of the Dragon is fully entering its stride after four episodes. We’ve had a couple of time leaps already, along with betrayals, battles, deaths, births, the odd bit of nudity and the tease of incest. The spirit of Game of Thrones lives on, it seems.

If you haven’t seen the first four episodes, be warned there’s some spoilers ahead…

This Targaryen family drama – set 200 years before the events depicted in Game of Thrones – is all about the succession to the throne of King Viserys (Paddy Considine) and it’s fair to say things are heating up with the various kinsfolk and all of the vulturous factions seeking to benefit from who’s eventually sat on the Iron Throne.

The heir to the throne of King Viserys has been named as his daughter Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy). That’s controversial for a few reasons. First off, there’s never been a queen. The king has also another, younger son, by his daughter’s former best friend and new wife no less. The King’s insolent rogue of a brother Daemon (Matt Smith) is also far from happy about it.

The major houses (Lannisters are here being arseholes already) either want to see their kin married to Rhaenyra or supplanted as heir. For her part, she doesn’t want to marry any of them. She’s taken by her Knight of the Realm, guard and protector, but also has a bit of a thing for her uncle too. Oh those Targaryens! He’s only leading her astray to ruin her reputation, the crafty git.

The end of Episode 4 saw Rhaenyra strike a blow of her own, convincing her father to get rid of the Hand of the King, his wife’s father. So on we go to Episode 5. Read on for how to watch House of the Dragon Episode 5 on the best TV you have in the house.

How to watch House of the Dragon Episode 5

House of the Dragon is made by HBO in the USA and as usual Sky Atlantic has dibs in the UK That means you’ll need a Sky subscription to tune in. If you’re already subscribed to Sky Q or Sky Glass, for example, you can Sky Atlantic on channel 108.

There probably isn’t going to be much going on this weekend and forget about Monday when everything’s going to be closed anyway, despite the impromptu bank holiday. So, if you don’t want to watch that royal drama unfold all day, you can instead watch all five episodes of House of the Dragon.

You can also sign up to watch the first five episodes without a long commitment thanks to Sky’s NOW streaming service. Sky Atlantic comes as part of the Now Entertainment Membership, which is just £9.99 a month. New subscribers get a 7-day no-strings trial and you can sign up for Now here.

The great news for Brits is they won’t have to risk spoilers, as Episode 5 is also being simulcast in the UK at the same time as it airs in the US. That’s 2am UK time on the morning of Monday September 19.

Just like the good old days of Game of Thrones! Episodes 1-4 are currently available on-demand. As well as the simulcast, you can watch on Monday evening at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

Here’s the official trailer for Episode 5 of House of the Dragon. It promises a royal wedding and, like any good wedding, it looks like there’s going to be a scrap before its over.

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