How to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas this festive season

Here is how you can tune into one of the most iconic animated Christmas films this holiday season in the UK.

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? If so, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a film that never gets old and is the perfect watch during the festive season.

Keep reading to find out how you can watch one of Tim Burton’s most well-loved films in the UK.

How to stream The Nightmare Before Christmas

Before you ask, no, you can’t watch the Nightmare Before Christmas on Netflix. However, the film is on Disney Plus so any active subscribers can tune in whenever they want.

If you’re not signed up to Disney Plus then don’t worry, you do have some other options available. You can rent The Nightmare Before Christmas from both Amazon Prime and YouTube, though keep in mind that even if you’re subscribed to these services you will still have to pay an extra fee.

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What is The Nightmare Before Christmas about?

Tim Burton’s 1993 flick is a mere 76-minutes long but is definitely a film that you won’t ever forget. We don’t doubt that you’ve already seen this classic, but we’ll give you a spolier-free recap just in case.

The story is set (for the most part) in Halloween Town and follows Jack Skellinton, the Pumpkin King. After another successfully terrifying Halloween, Jack accidentally wanders off and discovers how much more there is to life than spooks and scares.

He finds Christmas Town and becomes immediately obsessed, even meeting Santa Claus in the process. After introducing Christmas and all its cheer to his own town, we watch how even the best-laid plans can go seriously awry.

Aligned with Jack’s adventure, we also follow Sally – a humanoid ragdoll created by a mad scientist – who wishes desperately to escape her home and similarly discover everything that lies beyond Halloween Town.

A truly creepy but hilariously upbeat film with a great soundtrack to beat, this is one of our favourite Christmas films to enjoy this December.

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