HP Pavilion Mini Desktop PC Review

Hands-on: A super cold (and cheap) mini desktop

Even if we never buy a mini desktop, they’re always a cold thing to see. The new HP Pavilion Mini Desktop, that is also accessible in blue as a even cheaper HP Stream Mini Desktop, proves that point. It’s small, stylish and surprisingly capable. As a initial PC for kids, or vital room PC plugged into a TV, it ticks all a right boxes.

HP Pavilion Mini Desktop Release Date and Price: Available in a US from 14th Jan from $319 (~£210). HP Stream Mini Desktop starts during $179.99 (~£120). There’s no acknowledgment on other regions yet.
HP Pavilion Mini Desktop 3
So what do we get for such a tiny and inexpensive mini desktop? The bottom HP Pavilion Mini Desktop comes with an Intel Pentium 3558U processor, 4GB RAM and a 500GB tough drive. Core i3 processors will be accessible as well, yet this seems sufficient for many people.

The cheaper HP Stream Mini Desktop PC, meanwhile, comes with only 2GB, a 32GB SSD and a slower Intel Celeron processor. Like a laptops that bear a same name, a concentration here is on a use of cloud storage and OneDrive for storage and we get 200GB for dual years on purchase.

HP Pavilion Mini Desktop 5

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are built-in and a simple connectivity is plain enough. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports, dual on a front and dual during a back. An SD label container on a side is easy to access, too, while an HDMI outlay during a back serves as your video output.

The design, meanwhile, is charming. It’s so tiny it fits in a palm of your palm and smart, two-tone finish looks classier than a cost suggests. A keyboard and rodent are included, yet they’re flattering simple affairs.

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HP Pavilion Mini Desktop

Early Verdict

In law that’s all a there is to it, here. The Mini Desktop line isn’t difficult or flashy, yet we can see it winning many fans. It does a basis good and looks good doing it. It would make a good vital room PC, maybe using a Plex client, yet could simply offer as a mini workhorse for a family. It’s a indeterminate thumbs up.

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