Huawei unveils its Apple Watch Ultra killer

Huawei has its sights set on taking down the high-end Apple Watch Ultra with its own premium wearable: the Huawei Watch Ultimate.

Launching in Europe on April 3rd, the Huawei Watch Ultimate has been made with divers and adventures in mind, owing to its Liquid Metal case which Huawei claims is 4.5x stronger than stainless steel.

The material allows the Watch Ultimate to withstand depths of up to 110 meters, and the 1.5-inch AMOLED display can reach a peak brightness level of 1000 nits so that it can be more easily read underwater.

Unlike most Huawei Watches, the Watch Ultimate features three button inputs, with the left-hand side being flanked by the new Assist button.

When pushed, the Assist button will immediately activate the Diving or Expedition mode, depending on the user’s preference.

Diving tracking will include four unique modes: recreational scuba dive, traditional scuba dive, free dive and gauge.

Expedition mode on the other hand is designed for outdoor workouts, utilising dual-frequency GPS tracking to help you if you get lost on your journey.

The Huawei Watch Ultimate will be available in two colour options: Voyage Blue and Expedition Black. Pricing has yet to be announced for the Huawei Watch Ultimate, but you can expect to see our full review soon.

Trusted Take

The Apple Watch Ultra made quite a stir when it released late last year for the fact that it finally gave Apple a fighting chance against the likes of Garmin and Coros, which have long been favourites among marathon runners and adventurers alike. Huawei will definitely have an uphill battle on its hands as there are several features found in competing premium phones (like offline Spotify support) that can’t be found here, but the Ultimate presents a promising concept, not the least because of its design.

From first glance, the Ultimate looks like a genuine diver’s watch with plenty of style to boot – the type of watch that I’d like to wear, even if it wasn’t smart. Only thorough testing will prove whether Huawei’s ambitions have been met, so keep an eye out for our full review in the coming weeks.

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