Hydrolix Launches Splunk Connector, Delivering 10x Savings on Storage Costs

*Benefits of Integrating Hydrolix With Splunk*

  • Reduced costs: Hydrolix is a streaming data lake designed to make log-intensive use cases much more cost effective. Per GB costs for Hydrolix are 10x less than Splunk based on Splunk Cloud’s listing in AWS Marketplace.
  • Real-time ingest and transformation: Hydrolix provides real-time streaming of data whether ingesting one terabyte per day or ten. Splunk no longer offers real-time stream processing. And with Hydrolix, users can transform data in real time before it’s stored, allowing normalization, enrichment and obfuscation of data as needed.
  • Long-term data retention: With decoupled, commodity object storage, Hydrolix lets users keep all data in their own virtual private clouds for 12 months or more. Combined with high-density compression that reduces your data footprint by 20-50x, users can keep data “hot” for querying while dramatically reducing storage costs.
  • Sub-second query latency: Hydrolix uses features like massive parallelism, partition pruning, micro-indexing and extreme predicate pushdown to give you low latency queries, even with billion-plus-row datasets.
  • Avoid complex JOINs: With Hydrolix, users can combine multiple data sources that should logically be grouped together in one table—they can even have different dimensionality and field names—so users can query and compare them without using complex JOIN statements.

Read more about the Hydrolix Splunk implementation and check out the docs.

*Recent Momentum at Hydrolix*
Momentum at Hydrolix is building. The company recently closed a $35 million Series B round led by S3 Ventures. Prior investors such as Nava Ventures, Wing Ventures, AV8 Ventures and Oregon Venture Fund also participated in this round, which brings the company’s total funding to date to $68 million. Hydrolix has recently hit its stride, doubling revenues in Q3 and Q4 in 2023 and growing another 75% in Q1 of 2024. Hydrolix also received a Data Breakthrough Award for “Cloud Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution of the Year.” Most recently, Hydrolix was named this week a recipient of the Intellyx Digital Innovator Award. Read more about the company’s growth here: https://hydrolix.io/blog/building-for-global-scale/.

*About Hydrolix*
Hydrolix is the only data lake platform transforming the economics of log data. With a unique combination of stream processing, decoupled storage, high-density compression and indexed search, Hydrolix’s platform delivers real-time query performance at terabyte scale while dramatically reducing the cost to store and use log data. The platform powers data-intensive applications to elevate business intelligence, optimize operations, and drive growth. Companies worldwide deploy Hydrolix for a wide range of use cases, including security, observability, content delivery, digital advertising, AI/machine learning, and regulatory compliance. Founded in 2018 and based in Portland, Ore., Hydrolix is trusted by Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries. For more information, visit https://hydrolix.io.

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