Ifeelgoods Adds Bitcoin to Its Rewards Catalog Through Snapcard…

Ifeelgoods, the leading digital gifting platform, today announces a partnership with Snapcard, a leader in bitcoin payment processing e-wallet services, to include Bitcoin in its rewards catalog. Through the Ifeelgoods platform, companies are now empowered to seamlessly create, launch and monitor campaigns and programs offering Bitcoin-as-a-reward to end-users. Thanks to this partnership, Bitcoin can be safely leveraged as a global rewards incentive tool for marketing promotions, loyalty programs, or employee recognition programs.

“We are delighted to be featured in Ifeelgoods’ digital rewards catalog. This partnership will give us the visibility and technology to safely unlock and scale the distribution of Bitcoin for all types of B2B opportunities”, says Ioannis Giannaros, Snapcard COO co-founder.

With over 10 million users worldwide, Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly appealing incentive among consumers – especially for digital native millennials.

“Bitcoin is a first-rate addition to the Ifeelgoods’ rewards catalog, that aims to gather all the premium digital content available. Most importantly, we’re delighted to enrich our catalog with the first reward redeemable in any country to help us meet the growing demand of brands looking to launch global rewards campaigns and programs,” says Michael Amar, Ifeelgoods’ CEO co-founder.

To date, the Ifeelgoods rewards catalog contains more than 100,000 digital gifts with content that ranges from e-books, games, songs, movies, digital gift cards and more. Prior to the partnership with Snapcard, Ifeelgoods’ rewards were available in 30+ countries. Thanks to the inclusion of Bitcoin , the Ifeelgoods’ rewards catalog has now extended its reach to any country in the world.

About Ifeelgoods

Ifeelgoods’ turnkey platform enables companies to set up, launch and monitor rewards promotions and programs within minutes. It helps companies achieve multiple business objectives: customer acquisition, retention, engagement, employee motivation and more. End-users can directly receive rewards from 100+ integrated apps including Zendesk, Salesforce and Mailchimp. Gifts delivered come from Ifeelgoods’ 100,000+ rewards catalog with content that ranges from movies, songs, games, apps, newspaper subscriptions, and gift cards.

The Ifeelgoods platform has delivered 30+ million rewards across industries worldwide and has powered campaigns for 300 leading brands such as Walmart, GAP and L’Oréal.

Learn more: http://www.ifeelgoods.com/

About Snapcard Inc.

SNAPCARD offers a suite of products and services that are designed to make it easy for businesses and consumers to use digital currencies like Bitcoin. Founded in 2013, SNAPCARD is focused on bringing liquidity to the digital currency community. Snapcard is headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in Australia and Canada.

Learn more: https://www.snapcard.io/

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