Ikea AR app will delete your tired sofa so you can see how a new one looks

It’s hard to envision what a brand new comfy couch will look like when the one you’ve had for a decade is still sat in the living room, but Ikea’s latest app update will help.

The Swedish home furnishing (and occasional tech) giant has unveiled a new AR feature that can magically erase old clutter so you can slide in the new items you might be eyeing up for a refit.

The Ikea Kreativ experience, which is available within the company’s iPhone app and on the web, enables users to drag and drop new furnishings in to the room.

“Customers can ‘erase’ existing furniture from the scene, position new IKEA furnishings, rapidly swap through alternatives, and fully design the room,” the company says in a press release today.

It works by users taking a series of photos of the room, and rotating the phone around the room, enabling the Ikea app to create a wide-angled 3D interactive replica of the space you’re refitting.

The retailer says after choosing their new couches, tables, rugs and chairs – or whatever they fancy – they can be easily added to the cart for checkout.

If you don’t fancy scanning your own home, Ikea is also giving users access to 50 virtual showrooms where you can mix and match furniture options.

“Customers can easily browse the IKEA catalogue and try out products in lifelike spatial settings – quickly swapping, moving, rotating, stacking, and hanging IKEA products to select the perfect product option,” the company says.

Early impressions are that the app is useful, although not perfect. It’s only live in the United States for now, but Ikea says it will launch in other countries and Android users in the next few months.

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