Industry Leading VR Collective Introduces Hands-On Workshops

Known for its industry catalyzing how-to book on Virtual Reality production, making360 has reimagined what it means to be a collective – introducing a VR school in addition to its well-regarded production studio.

After publishing a book on how to make 360 video, making360 has rapidly grown into a collective of 30+ industry leading VR creators. For the first time, the collective is opening its doors offering workshops to anyone who wants to learn VR, taught by the very best in the field.

Founder, Fabien Soudiere explains, “what started as the first and only book for making 360 videos has evolved into a content creation production studio called making360. We want to ignite a creative fire in the industry and the best way to do this is to empower a new generation of VR creators to bring their ideas to life with hands-on workshops.”

making360’s production studio is the ideal place to learn VR directly from industry professionals, without having to commit to full-time schooling.

“We’re not a company, nor a school. Instead making360 is a place where artists inspire and teach one another to create amazing content. We draw from the very best talent in the industry to teach, mentor and inspire anyone who wants to learn.”

Workshops are held throughout the week, morning and evening. Each workshop is hands-on, ranging from beginner level to the most advanced – covering all of the skills required to produce professional 360 video content: Shooting 360 with Gear360, Kandao Obsidian or MiniEYE, Stitching 360 with Kolor, Mistika or Fusion, Spatial Audio with Hear 360, Ambisonic production with Facebook Spatial Workstation or Envelop 4 Live, Intro to Storytelling in VR, and plenty more.

Every student is given access to the industry’s best, most cutting edge cameras and post-production hardware/software. Not only do students learn on the latest technology, they use it to create and publish their very own projects.

About making360

From an open source book to a collective of Virtual Reality content creators, making360’s mission is to ignite the next generation of creative content.

Producing VR experiences should be an easy and rewarding collaboration from start to finish. With over 5 years of expertise, making360 has developed, produced, stitched, activated and pioneered some of the best VR pieces out there for some of the largest brands globally.

And making360 is just beginning according to Soudiere, “we’re also opening our first investment round for 10 original content VR pieces, created by some of the most talented and established artists within VR industry.”

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