Integrated and combi appliances tested


  • Every cooking function you could want
  • Efficient
  • Brilliant temperature control
  • Slide and Hide door is genuinely brilliant


  • Doesn’t come with a Twist Pad Flex

If you’re looking for an oven that boasts numerous smart features, has excellent temperature control which promises even cooking, and is easy to clean, then the Neff N90 B69VY7MY0 integrated oven is an ideal choice. 

We found that the Neff N90 boasts impressively even cooking, making this one of the best ovens we tested for an almost-perfect cook. To test this, we set the oven to 200°C, filled a baking tray with ceramic beads and took the temperature of the tray. With this process, we found very little temperature variation, as the front of the tray measured 194.8°C and the back was 201.2°C. 

There are also multiple general oven modes to choose from, including but not limited to top/bottom heat, fan, circo roasting, break-baking and plate warming. Most of the cooking modes are also compatible with the extra temperature probe

The probe, which plugs into the side of the oven, allows you to set a target temperature and automatically stops the heat when food is detected at the perfect temperature. If you’ve been known to overcook your food, this is the perfect feature for you. 

There’s also the incredibly useful steam mode, which adds moisture to the cooking process and can be included with most other cooking modes too. Continuous steam can be added for certain meals, or if you’re baking bread or rolls, while the Steam Jet mode operates more sparingly.. 

The Neff N90 is packed with smart features, including a touch-screen control panel and a compatible app. The app is useful as it clearly explains what each of the cooking modes should be used for, which makes cooking new recipes much easier. The app also sends a notification to your smartphone when the oven has reached its target temperature or the end of the cooking cycle.

Other features of this integrated oven include a useful slide and hide door, which makes loading and unloading much easier, and its 71-litre capacity, which means lots of larger foods can be cooked easily. 

The Neff N60 is also easy to clean, thanks to the multiple cleaning modes and use of steam to help dislodge dirt. 

Reviewer: David Ludlow

Full review: Neff N90 B69VY7MY0

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