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GSA Silicon Summit 2019

CEO Pim Tuyls will speak at the GSA Silicon Summit, June 18 in Santa Clara. He will deliver an address entitled “Eyes Wide Shut” as part of the session “IoT Security – From Chip to the Cloud.”

Intrinsic ID, the world’s leading provider of digital authentication technology for Internet of Things security, today announced Chief Executive Officer Pim Tuyls will speak at the GSA Silicon Summit, June 18 in Santa Clara. He will deliver an address entitled “Eyes Wide Shut” as part of the session “IoT Security – From Chip to the Cloud.”


The Internet of Things growth continues to accelerate and create opportunity. But, as many who are responsible for their companies’ success and survival often seem content to ignore, so does the security risk. Ensuring IoT security has not kept pace with the rapidly evolving threat model. This should prompt many questions for those whose business relies on a secure IoT. “Can we be sure a device’s firmware hasn’t been altered by hackers?” “Is secure two-way communications possible?” And “Can we scale to trillions of devices in a way that’s commercially viable?” Securing endpoints in a reliable and robust method to achieve trust in the IoT can come at a significant cost. Strong device authentication is pivotal to confidently scale in a profitable manner. In this talk, Intrinsic ID CEO Pim Tuyls will describe how use of unclonable identities for IoT products is the best way to establish strong security in an industrial setting, and do so in an economically viable manner.


June 18, 2019

9:30 a.m. PDT


Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

5101 Great American Parkway

Santa Clara, Calif. 95054


Pim Tuyls is CEO of Intrinsic ID, a company specializing in IoT security technology. He initiated the original work on Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) that forms the basis of Intrinsic ID’s silicon fingerprinting technology while at Philips Research, where Tuyls was Principal Scientist and managed the cryptography cluster. In 2008 he founded Intrinsic ID and has headed the company since 2010. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematical physics from Leuven University, holds more than 50 patents and is widely recognized for his work in the field of SRAM PUFs and security for embedded applications. He has written significantly in the field of security, including his co-written book Security with Noisy Data, a survey into the theory and practice of new technologies in the field of security based on noisy data, which describes applications in the fields of biometrics, secure key storage and anti-counterfeiting.

The GSA Silicon Summit is a program of the Global Semiconductor Alliance, of which Intrinsic ID is a member. The summit’s mission is to provide insights on trends, key issues and opportunities, and promote innovation, collaboration and the advancement of technology and markets, with the ultimate goal of growing and strengthening the semiconductor industry. For more information on the conference visit the GSA Silicon Summit website.

About Intrinsic ID

Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading digital authentication company, providing the Internet of Things with hardware-based root-of-trust security via unclonable identities for any IoT-connected device. Based on Intrinsic ID’s patented SRAM PUF technology, the company’s security solutions can be implemented in hardware or software. Intrinsic ID security, which can be deployed at any stage of a product’s lifecycle, is used to validate payment systems, secure connectivity, authenticate sensors, and protect sensitive government and military systems. Intrinsic ID technology has been deployed in more than 125 million devices. Award recognition includes the Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Award, the IoT Breakthrough Award, the IoT Security Excellence Award, the Frost Sullivan Technology Leadership Award and the EU Innovation Radar Prize. Intrinsic ID security has been proven in millions of devices certified by Common Criteria, EMVCo, Visa and multiple governments. Intrinsic ID’s mission: Authenticate EverythingTM. Visit Intrinsic ID online at http://www.Intrinsic-ID.com.

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