iPhone 14 Plus just had a massive price crash at Amazon

Amazon has just dramatically sliced the price of the iPhone 14 Plus, making it a total bargain.

The online retail behemoth is now selling the iPhone 14 Plus for £599, which is £200 less than the £799 Apple is still selling it for. That’s a 25% discount right there.

You can even pick your colour from the five options on offer: (PRODUCT) Red, Blue, Midnight, Purple, or Starlight.

Save £200 on the iPhone 14 Plus

Save £200 on the iPhone 14 Plus

Amazon has lopped £200 off the price of the iPhone 14 Plus, bringing it down to a very reasonable £599.

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  • Now £599

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We like the iPhone 14 Plus a lot. In our 4.5 star review, we concluded that it was a better choice than the regular iPhone 14, thanks to its larger display and superior battery life.

The iPhone 14 Plus also benefits from excellent performance. Apple’s A15 Bionic chip is still a fast performer, and will remain so for several years yet. It’s also relatively light for a super-sized iPhone – certainly in comparison to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, at any rate.

Then there’s Apple’s legendary camera system. Dual 12-megapixel sensors might not sound like much, but the quality of their output is excellent.

Night shots are particularly strong, while the 12MP selfie camera produces excellent results, with more facial detail and natural skin tones than before.

Our one updated warning with the iPhone 14 Plus was the arrival of the iPhone 15 Plus, which is a better phone in every way. However, that phone’s price starts from £899, which is a whopping £300 more expensive than the iPhone 14 Plus right now.

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