iPhone 14 Plus now costs the same as a mid-range phone

If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful iOS device on a budget then the iPhone 14 Plus is a fantastic option. 

Get a refurbished iPhone 14 Plus in ‘like new’ condition for just £529 with Giffgaff. A ‘like new’ refurbished handset from Giffgaff is visibly scratch-free and has been professionally inspected and tested by professionals to ensure that it’s in 100% working order. 

For extra peace of mind, Giffgaff even throws in a 24-month warranty with all its ‘like new’ handsets too. 

Get a refurbished iPhone 14 Plus handset for just £529

Get a refurbished iPhone 14 Plus handset for just £529

Get a refurbished iPhone 14 Plus handset in ‘like new’ condition from Giffgaff for just £529 today. Giffgaff explains its ‘like new’ phones have no visible scratches and have been thoroughly inspected to ensure 100% working condition.

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  • ‘Like new’ condition
  • £529

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It is worth mentioning however that new Giffgaff customers will need to order the handset with a £10 rolling SIM in order to get this deal, but this can be cancelled immediately after purchase so you won’t incur any further charges. 

As Apple is set to unveil the latest version of iOS later today at WWDC24, investing in a new iPhone today means you’ll be ready to test out all the new features once they’re made available. 

At 6.7-inches, the iPhone 14 Plus is a larger handset compared to the base model iPhone 14 which is 6.1-inches. Despite the larger screen it remains impressively lightweight at 203g especially when compared to the hefty iPhone 14 Pro Max which weighs a massive 240g. 

It runs on the A15 Bionic Chip which despite not being Apple’s most up-to-date chip, Editor Max Parker concluded in his review that he doesn’t think “anyone will be disappointed with the performance in real-world use” with apps and even “intensive” games running with ease.

We gave the iPhone 14 Plus 4.5-stars with Max hailing the handset as easily “one of the best iPhones around”. 

If you’re not fussed about having the newest and most premium handset but still want a reliable iPhone on a budget then you can’t do much better than this deal on the iPhone 14 Plus.

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