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iPi Mocap V 3.0 now supports 3 actor tracking, adult to 16 USB camera support or mixed Kinect 2 sensors accessible onto mixed PCs during a same suit constraint session.

iPi Mocap 3.0 support for adult to 16 USB cameras or mixed Kinect 2 sensors and a ability to lane 3 actors delivers users a truly fit suit constraint tool,” says Michael Nikonov iPi Soft CEO.

Moscow, Russia (PRWEB) Feb 24, 2015

iPi Soft, LLC, currently announced groundbreaking opening enhancements to iPi Motion Capture Version 3.0, a company’s modernized line of markerless suit constraint technology. The latest updates embody new distributed recording functionality that sets a customary for capturing synchronized video by providing adult to 16 USB camera support or mixed Kinect 2 sensors accessible onto mixed PCs during a same suit constraint session. Additionally, a ability to lane 3 actors concurrently gives veteran users operative in film, TV, video diversion growth and beyond, a absolute and fit suit constraint tool.

Watch demo video here.

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Enabled by a exclusive iPi Recorder software, a new distributed recording underline configures a singlecomputer to record adult to 8 USB cameras or a singular Kinect 2 sensor. With additional computers, users can supplement adult to 16 USB cameras or 4 Kinect 2 or Kinect sensors. The software, that merges all of a mocap information into a singular file, is used in and with iPi Mocap Studio for tracking adult to 3 actors simultaneously. Its ability to investigate multi-camera (or Kinect sensors) video recordings, regulating customary PC desktop or laptop computers offers artistic professionals a cost effective fortitude to lane 3D tellurian physique motions and furnish 3D animation.

In addition, a use of some-more cameras or sensors to constraint a multi-actor performances minimizes tracking errors typically caused by occlusion (when physique tools are not prisoner properly), ensuing in softened tracking correctness and reliability, as good as a faster and some-more accurate prolongation process.

“The new distributed recording underline in iPi Motion Capture 3.0 offers business poignant workflow options to accommodate a flourishing complexity of today’s suit constraint opening mandate though a bottleneck,” Michael Nikonov, iPi Soft’s Founder/Chief Technology Architect, says. “The increasing camera support and softened tracking trustworthiness is a bonus to a veteran users with dedicated studio space looking to constraint formidable suit such as sports moves, quarrel sequences or choreographed dance.”

Nikonov records that a common disagreement is that regulating veteran high-definition cameras is a contingency for accurate suit tracking: “That is loyal for marker-based systems, though for markerless mocap solutions like ours, high fortitude is not that crucial. Inexpensive USB cameras or Kinect sensors can grasp a same correctness during a fragment of a cost of a marker-based system.”

New Feature Highlights in iPi Motion Capture V 3.0

The new capabilities now accessible in iPi Motion Capture Version 3.0, include:

  • Ability to record mocap information with adult to 16 Sony PS3 cameras or adult to 4 Kinect 2 sensors
  • Track opening of adult to 3 actors simultaneously
  • Camera support in Basic Edition has increasing from 4 to six
  • Improved tracking correctness and trustworthiness due to reduced occlusion
  • Reduced hardware mandate due to ability to use several laptops/desktops for recording
  • Flexible and cost effective workflow – functionality concordant with inexpensive off-the-shelf PC laptops or desktops

Pricing and Availability: iPi Motion Capture V 3.0 is accessible on a subscription-based pricing model. Prices operation from $45.00 to $1,195.00 depending on a chronicle of program (Express, Basic, Pro) and generation of subscription. Basic book provides support for adult to 6 Sony PS3 Eye cameras or 2 Kinect sensors, and tracking of one or dual actors. The Pro chronicle facilities full 16-camera / 4 Kinect sensors capability and can lane of adult to 3 actors. A giveaway 30-day hearing for Version 3.0 is accessible here.

In line with today’s announcement, iPi Soft is also ancillary an boost in a series of cameras upheld in a iPi Mocap Basic Edition from 4 to 6 and has lowered a cost 30 percent, providing combined opening to a wider assembly during a some-more appealing cost.

Additional sum about iPi Soft 3.0 and multi-tiered subscription pricing can be found here.

About iPi Motion Capture

iPi Motion Capture is a markerless suit constraint program apparatus to lane tellurian physique motions to simply furnish 3D animation. The scalable complement is able of tracking of adult to 3 actors and is concordant with initial and second-generation Kinect sensors operative during a same time on one or several computers to constraint formidable motions, including 360-degrees turns. It also supports other inexpensive off-the-shelf apparatus such as Sony PS3 Eye cameras.

The program is also concordant with many heading diversion engines, 3D program applications and animation rigs, including MAXON Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3D Studio Max / Maya / MotionBuilder, Unity, Valve Source Filmmaker / Source Engine, DAZ Studio, Poser, iClone, Unreal Engine, and others. iPi Motion Capture supports suit send and trade to renouned animation formats including FBX, BVH and COLLADA.

About iPi Soft:

Moscow-based developer, iPi Soft, LLC, develops absolute markerless suit constraint program record that uses worldly picture estimate and mechanism prophesy algorithms to commend and lane a tellurian body. The company’s program is used by artistic professionals and prosumers around a universe to technology a transformation of a tellurian skeleton, digest it fluent in 3D characters for video games, mechanism generated films, as good as for medical, troops and other applications. For additional information, on iPi Soft, product pricing, product configurations or a 30-day giveaway hearing greatfully visit, http://www.ipisoft.com.

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Web Resources:

Website: http://www.iPiSoft.com

Twitter: @iPiSoft

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Motion-Capture-Software-from-iPi-


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?q=iPiSoft

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Ambient PR, Vicky Gray-Clark, vicky(at)ambientpr(dot)com, 408-318-1980

Right Word Media, Ray Ecke, ray(at)rightwordmedia(dot)com, 973-726-3797

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