ironSource Honored by Goldman Sachs for Entrepreneurship

Goldman Sachs is recognizing ironSource CEO and Co-Founder Tomer Bar-Zeev again as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2017 at its Builders + Innovators Summit in Santa Barbara, California.

Goldman Sachs selected Bar-Zeev as one of 100 entrepreneurs from multiple industries to be honored at the two-day event. A technology veteran, Bar Zeev worked at Microsoft, Payoneer and Atlas CT before founding ironSource in 2010 to address the challenges developers face in turning their products into successful businesses.

Today, ironSource is one of the largest independent platforms for mobile monetization and marketing, providing technologies that enable tens of thousands of app and game developers take their apps to the next level. The company’s in-app video ad network empowers over 80K apps to drive revenue with dynamic, interactive ads which users actually enjoy, allowing ironSource to connect leading brand and performance advertisers with over 1 billion unique users every month.

“This has been an incredible year for ironSource, and it’s a huge honor to be included in this list again, standing alongside some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs,” said Bar Zeev. “It’s a thrilling time to be an entrepreneur, as the world continues to get more connected and new markets open up. I think the coming year will see the rise of massive tech titans out of new regions, and I’m excited to be a part of that shift at ironSource.”

“We are pleased to recognize Tomer Bar-Zeev as one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs of 2017,” said David M. Solomon, President and Co-Chief Operating Officer at Goldman Sachs. “This is the sixth year that we’ve hosted the Builders + Innovators Summit where emerging business leaders gather to discuss their common interests in building prosperous organizations.”

For more than 145 years, Goldman Sachs has been advising and financing entrepreneurs as they launch and grow their businesses. In addition to honoring 100 entrepreneurs, the Summit consists of general sessions and clinics led by Goldman Sachs experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders as well as resident scholars.

About ironSource

ironSource, the leading in-app video advertising platform, makes free-to-play and free-to-use possible for over 1.2B people around the world. We build technologies that help app developers take their apps to the next level. Since only 2% of users pay to play, we provide tools to engage the other 98%. That’s why over 80K apps use our technologies to grow their app businesses, and why we’re working with leading companies like Big Fish Games, Zynga and Playrix. We care about good creative and making ads as enjoyable as your games, and our designers sit next to our performance team, making sure data informs every creative decision. Founded in 2010, we’re a truly global company, with offices in Tel Aviv, London, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Bangalore and Seoul. Read more at http://www.ironsrc.com.

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