It takes two – Qobuz launches DUO offer for sharing music

Music streaming service Qobuz has launched a new tier in DUO, which allows access from the same subscription to two separate accounts.

Qobuz says that this option is similar to its Individual and Family options but allows for two people with two different accounts to access the streaming service’s library as long as the two account holders live at the same address.

The Qobuz Studio DUO offer works out at £14.99/month, which is £4.16 more than purchasing an individual subscription. There’s also the option of purchasing a DUO subscription at £17.99/month, and this is the alternative for those who don’t want to commit to an annual sub and (presumably) can quit at any time they want.

For those who want access to everything Qobuz has to offer, including its download service, the Studio Sublime DUO service features discounts of up to 60% on purchases of hi-res albums and is priced at £22.99/month. There’s no alternative available here, so if you go got a Sublime DUO sub, you’re committed for a year.

Like the rest of Qobuz’s subscriptions, DUO subscribers will have unfettered access to a catalogue of more than 70 million tracks in Hi-Res and CD quality. They’ll also be able to create collaborative playlists and listen to their music at their leisure without interruption, as well as delve through the editorial content Qobuz has to offer with articles, interviews, reviews, videos, and biographies.

On the announcement, Georges Fornay, Deputy CEO of Qobuz said: “we are happy to unveil QOBUZ DUO. This offer has been long awaited by our customers, audiophiles and music lovers eager to share their passion for music with one of their family. They will now be able to share a unique and high-quality musical experience, all at an advantageous price.”

We’re still yet to review Qobuz, but hope to have one published in the coming months. With more music streaming platforms looking to entice customers with higher-quality content, it’ll be interesting to see how the music streaming landscape looks in just a few months time.

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