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“No other CRISPER design site currently offers designing against multiple reference genomes and targeting to different genomes in an automated manner.” Kryngle Daly CEO

KBioBox is pleased to announce a new feature to their Gene Edit Design Tool, an intuitive and easy to use design tool now able to design against multiple reference genomes. Genomes targeted for design can also be different from the “host” genome. Examples include designing against viral reservoirs or pathogenic bacteria while considering off target effects in a eukaryotic host model.

Designs are ranked based on a patent pending genome wide “hit” score, ensuring that all designs have the least possible number of off targets and that potential off targets have the least damaging effects. All designs include complimentary off target analysis reports produced by KBioBox’s proprietary BioEngine technology. KBioBox’s off target analysis algorithm predicts nearly 97% of off targets identified in vitro by GUIDE-Seq. For more information. https://www.kbiobox.com/biodesign.

“This enhancement to our current Gene Edit Design program will allow scientists to save valuable effort and move forward with their experiments knowing that they have the best guides possible. No other CRISPR design site currently offers designing against multiple reference genomes and targeting to different genomes in an automated manner,” Kryngle Daly, CEO.

The power of KBioBox’s patented genomic search engine is in its simplicity, accuracy, and speed, processing full genome searches in minutes. The simplicity of the engine affords customization to any genomic analysis application. The customized extension of GUIDE-Seq analysis is a typical example of this flexibility and can provide clients with the precise data they require.

About KBioBox

KBioBox LLC is a bioinformatics technology company which provides accurate and fast genomics analysis services, including CRISPR Off Target Analysis, Gene Editing Design, post-edit analysis, and other services. At the core of KBioBox technology is a proprietorial, patented search algorithm that can search and align genomic data with speed and accuracy. KBioBox has helped both industry and academic partners, genomic analysis, and gene edit design projects that have allowed researchers to overcome specific experimental barriers, design better tools for their research, and better analyze their results.

KBioBox offers intuitive, easy to use, Online Tools

KBioBox Gene Edit Off Target Analysis Tool    

Advances in gene editing technology, in particular the CRISPR/Cas9 system, have revolutionized gene editing with promise for advances in basic science, biotechnology, and biomedical research. With the simplicity of modern gene editing technologies come problematic off target interactions which can lead to failed experiments and trials.

KBioBox’s Gene Edit Off Target Analysis Tool was built to predict potential off targets, allowing scientists to redesign a target, or “know where to look” after a gene edit has been affected. Able to search entire genomes in under a minute, and customizable to any chemistry or enzyme protocol, KBioBox’s CRISPR off target analysis algorithm predicts nearly 97% of off targets identified by GUIDE-Seq (currently the industry standard in whole genome off target reporting) compared to less than 50% by eCRISP and MIT’s CRISPR design tool. All off target analysis reports includes the top 20 most likely off target sites as well as primer sequences to look for off targets. Our Gene Edit Off Target Analysis Tool can provide a level of quality assurance previously unavailable for gene edits.

Scientists are invited to run one complimentary analysis.

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KBioBox Gene Edit Design Tool

The simplicity of modern gene editing technology, in particular the CRISPR/Cas9 system, has the potential to transform many areas of science and medicine. The cost of this simplicity is the challenge of determining strong binding targets with minimal or no off targets, a task that can prove challenging for any scientist.

KBioBox’s Gene Edit Design Tool handles the tedious aspects required to design a strong gene edit. For a desired edit, the Gene Edit Design tool considers all potential targets in a region and ranks them based on off target potential, returning the “top ten” best designs in under a minute. With each design comes with a KBioBox off target analysis report and primers sequences to check off target sites, providing scientists diligence to make the best decision.

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Extended Guide-Seq Analysis

KBioBox’s secondary analysis is used to extend standard GUIDE-Seq analysis or any analogous gene edit pipeline. Obtain easier to read reports with additional analyses on nuclease fidelity and other off target activity. Our extended GUIDE-Seq analysis can be adapted to unique edits or situations outside of the standard GUIDE-Seq protocol such as other exogenous genomes and reservoirs.

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