LG D1484CF Review

What is the LG D1484CF?

LG’s smart-looking flagship freestanding dishwasher is available in three versions: stainless steel (D1484CF, £599), white (D1484WF, £549) and an eye-catching gloss black (D1484BF, £599) – we were sent the black version. It’s A+++ energy rated and boasts the entire gamut of LG’s dishwashing technologies, including steam cleaning to loosen tough food particles, a Direct Drive motor with 10-year guarantee for quieter operation and better performance, and the company’s SmartRack system for flexible racking and stacking of your kitchen dirties.

The attractive black finish (also available in white and silver) is complemented by a gloss black control panel, with LED segment display and simple push button controls for programme and options. Headline figures of 38dB noise and just 235kWh per year running costs, plus a turbidity (dirtiness) sensor suggest a very efficient design. At around £600, it is a premium product that competes directly with many premium German brands. It does so well, though it’s a little noisy for our tastes and needs the steam cleaning for best results.

LG D1484CF: What is it like to use?

LG’s SmartRack system uses flip-up prongs to enable flexible stacking of dirty plates, pots and pans. The lower basket is ideal for dinner plates up to 26cm with the upper basket in its standard position. If you fold down all of the prongs you have a large flat area that is ideal for bigger bowls, casserole dishes and even big baking trays.

The top shelf is more traditional design with flip down glass racks and tilted wire frame base that doubles as a small plate holder. It too has a range of flip down prongs for flexibility and it is height adjustable. In its upper position you gain nearly 5cm more height on the lower basket, which allows you to fit in dinner plates up to a whopping 30cm.

Above this is a third, shallow draw with two removable plastic trays. You can orientate these in a high or low position, one way offering more space in the top area for larger cooking utensils and the other maximising the height available in the basket underneath.

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We love these top shelves for cutlery as it allows you to separate individual items for best cleaning performance. LG also supplies a traditional-style cutlery basket that can be separated into two smaller baskets for when you really need to eke out some space in your dishwasher. The baskets, SmartRack, adjustable shelves and innovative accessories make this LG one of the most flexible dishwashers we have yet tested.

Close the door and it shuts with a satisfyingly solid clunk. The front fascia panels’ controls are relatively straightforward but did take us a little while and a peek at the manual before we got the hang of it. You control the main programmes using a single button to the left and the options by individual buttons to the right.

The display gives a simple countdown time remaining and indicators for rinse aid and salt as well as child lock, spray intensity and steam. We could not find a simple ‘cancel programme’ operation button but this LG is otherwise relatively straight forward in operation. Being of Korean descent, the end of the cycle is marked by the machine playing a blissfully short ditty.

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LG D1484CF: What programmes does it have?

Hero of LG’s seven main programmes is the Steam Power cycle, which uses high-pressure steam with the main wash to intensively clean really dirty items with baked on or dried on grime. Two more steam cycles offer a gentler version of the above for delicate items and glassware.

A Steam Dual Spray programme does intensive cleaning in the bottom basket and gentler at the top at the same time for best of both. A fully Auto programme uses a sensor to gauge best wash depending on how dirty the dishes are – it measures water clarity to determine how dirty the dishes are – and a Quick programme promises a speedy buffing of lightly soiled dishes in under 30 minutes. If you have a little more time you can add a drying cycle too with the Quick and Dry programme.

The Eco programme uses all of this LG’s sensors and technology to achieve optimal cleaning with the minimum use of electricity water and detergent. Without giving too much away before the section on running costs, this proved outstandingly effective using almost half the electricity of some other models we have tested.

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You can add options to your wash including repeat rinse and repeat rinse in extra hot water (80 degrees C) to sanitise the wash, half load and child lock on the door. You can delay the start up to 19 hours in one hour increments and, on some programmes, adjust the spray jet pressure through soft, medium and hard.

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