LG F1495BDA Washing Machine Review

What is a LG F1495BDA?

With a 12kg ability and 1400 spin speed, this top-of-the-range LG F1495BDA shower appurtenance is ideal for vast households who do a lot of washing. LG’s singular ‘6 Motions’ technology  uses a multiple of shower motions for specific programmes, such as a scrubbing movement for low cleaning, a side-to-side pitch for delicates and other modes to revoke noise, faster shower and double reduction. There is a detached double caring symbol to supplement a latter duty to a finish of any cycle.

Another pivotal LG underline is a Direct Drive inverter motor, that does divided with belts and crane in foster of a approach motor-to-drum tie that’s quieter and some-more efficient. LG includes a 10 year guaranty on a engine and all a tools as customary as this form of engine is impossibly reliable. Useful programmes embody a accessible 30-minute discerning rinse for rapid soaking and a skin caring rinse for additional rinsing out any residual detergent.

LG’s Smart Diagnosis is customary in this machine, permitting business to send error formula information directly to a use centre around their phone. If a error is a simply filter blockage or an easy user-fix a complement could discharge watchful for an operative to come out altogether.

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LG F1495BDA: What is it like to use?

The LG F1495BDA is all about creation shower simpler, starting with a far-reaching porthole that creates loading a biggest piles of shower easy. And if we have ever weighed shower we will know usually how vast a raise of dry shower this LG’s limit 12kg bucket can be!

In further to hold control buttons, a LCD arrangement is frail and clear, arrangement in fact rinse programmes, temperature, spin speed and any other options have been chosen. The rinse time is afterwards distributed and shown as a both countdown time and commission time by a rinse LCD display, finish with a relocating shirt striking whose animation changes with any theatre of a wash.

The striking froth when washing, kindly tumbles when rinsing and twirls around when spinning. It’s a good hold and hours of fun for all a family, utterly a cat, we found. Once a cycle has finished a appurtenance will play a brief descant to surprise we that a finish has been reached.

It’s generally unequivocally pleasing appurtenance to use day in, day out, a fact helped by a fact a 6 Motion Direct Drive complement kindly rotates and afterwards stops a drum to disencumber your shower from a sides of a machine. This afterwards helps a garments emerge in a gentler, softer and reduction creased approach than machines that don’t do this. It also stops blank erring hosiery stranded a drum.

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LG F1495BDA: What programmes does it have?

There is an contentment of programmes to select from and also a favourite choice to customise your possess rinse process and heat together with spin speed, time check and even a pre rinse function.

With a 14 pre-set programmes trimming from a customary cotton, easy care, churned and woollen wash, there is also a baby caring and skin care, that includes additional rinses to safeguard all antiseptic excess is removed, a sports wear designed for today’s foe churned fibres, a dim rinse and a discerning 30-minute or an complete 60-minute rinse for rapid results.

LG favourite duty allows we to tailor a module and a options to your needs and save those parameters for one-click entrance subsequent time. We unequivocally like this – it creates it super-easy to usually dump your shower and get on with your life.


LG F1495BDA: How loud is it?

With a stream trend for top-end machines to use inverter motors for their low sound and high potency this LG was always going to be a still one. On a limit spin in sold it appearance during usually over LG’s claimed 70dB during 72dB, that is about a same volume as a still kitchen radio.

On a rinse partial of a cycle a sound crept adult towards 58dB, opposite LG’s quoted 54dB, nonetheless this was mostly due to a sound of a H2O and shower sloshing about rather than a engine noise. Some of LG’s approach completion, such as a Samsung WF90F7E6U6W Ecobubble, urge on this sound turn a little, notwithstanding carrying normal belts and pulley mechanisms, by contracting a cosmetic second window over a porthole door.

Still, 50-something dB is unequivocally unequivocally still for a shower appurtenance and if we are upgrading from an comparison indication we won’t even realize a LG is running.


LG F1495BDA: How good does it wash?

We ran 3 opposite rinse cycles for a tests; a 40-degree string rinse with a 9.6kg (80%) full bucket during 1400 spin speed, a 40-degree normal string rinse with a 4.8kg (40%) bucket during 1400 spin speed and afterwards a same rinse yet this time in eco string mode.

We did not use a full 12kg bucket as regulating 80% is regarded as some-more picturesque for day-to-day usage. We also enclosed a exam mark frame in a initial wash, that was stained with dusty on ketchup, coffee, blood, red booze and engine oil and cleared regulating a non-biological detergent.

The timings for all a washes were unequivocally accurate with a initial rinse usually overrunning by 10 mins from a 2 hours 37 mins primarily indicated. The second rinse was mark on 1 hour 33 mins and a third rinse indeed finishing 3 mins progressing than a 2 hours 17 mins indicated.

This is an surprising outcome in that many of a LG’s peers tell we a rinse will take ages in a initial place and afterwards take longer on top! As is wise for a top-end appurtenance a rinse formula were all visually matching opposite all washes, with all stains private from a mark frame detached from a engine oil. This is proof a plea for any appurtenance yet additional biological help.

In terms of appetite potency a LG is good for a outrageous capacity, yet that is not a matter yet vital caveat. The vast 9.6kg rinse (80% load) used usually over 2KWh, that is flattering high for this turn of machine. Yet with a half bucket 4.8kg of shower (what many people, would call a ‘normal’ load), a LG was unequivocally spare indeed, regulating reduction than a entertain of a appetite of a full load.

This outcome indicates half bucket is a approach to go – yet do not be tempted to rivet a ‘Eco’ underline during half load. While this significantly reduces appetite expenditure during full bucket it is not optimised for half-loads, so indeed uses twice as many appetite as a a non-eco half bucket wash.

We contacted LG in a UK and Korea to endorse these commentary and they forked to a page in a primer that sum usually this curiosity and indicates not to use Eco mode with a half load. Quite because we should be means to rivet Eco mode with a half bucket if this is a case, stays a mystery.

The take home summary here is that a LG is during a many fit with Eco-mode rinse during full bucket and Normal rinse during half load. Go figure. Indeed, we unequivocally consider it would be improved if LG rescued that mode to use automatically, or slightest warned we that a bucket you’re regulating won’t be a many fit – we’ve noted it down for palliate of use here.
The H2O weight left in a initial rinse was a unequivocally plain outcome during 3.5kg (37%) from a 9.6kg dry starting weight. The second and third rinse regulating a dry weight of 4.8kg left possibly 1.8kg (38%) or 1.9kg (40%) of H2O behind.

LG F1495BDA: How many will it cost to run?

Based on an normal UK domicile use (200 x 40 grade 80% max bucket and 40 x 40 grade 40% half bucket with a 50/50 separate on normal and eco programmes), a LG F1495BDA’s annual regulating cost is a utterly an costly £67.58. However, while these are a customary Trusted Reviews tests, if we were wakeful of a LG’s eccentricities we would always rivet a ECO mode for full loads and normal mode for half loads (200 x 40 grade 80% max bucket ECO and 80 x 40 grade 40% bucket NORMAL).

This would put a LG right adult there with a many appetite fit foe during this cost point, utterly if we take into care a outrageous bucket capacity. Just be wakeful of a Eco/half bucket curiosity that indeed doubles a regulating cost! Specific total for appetite and H2O use are listed during a bottom of this review, with additional total regulating LG’s many appetite fit modes.

Should we buy a LG F1495BDA?

This is a good looking appurtenance with a outrageous ability and would be means to tackle vast loads from a unequivocally vast household. It is packaged with features, still and a 6 Motion drum revolution has lots of benefits. Its appetite figure might not demeanour as good as some on paper yet take into care that beast load.

To put a total in perspective, regulating a UK normal domicile exam this 12kg bucket appurtenance would rinse 2,112kg of a garments a year. A 9kg indication with a same shower regime would usually have cleared 1,584kg of clothes, so you’re removing a lot some-more shower for not a outrageous volume some-more indeed cost.

The premonition is a emanate of half-loads being some-more costly in a eco mode than a normal mode, that is a somewhat vitriolic and treacherous emanate LG needs to arrange out. It’s a usually reason we can’t suggest this appurtenance outright, yet supposing we concede for this it’s still a unequivocally good machine.


A unequivocally good appurtenance for vast households, yet be heedful of regulating a Eco mode on anything other than a full load.

Looking for an alternative? Consider a 10kg Panasonic NA-140VZ4

*Annual figure formed on a normal UK domicile regulating 200 x 40 grade 80% max loads and 40 x 40 grade 40% half loads (50/50 separate normal eco).

** Annual total formed on normal UK domicile wash, 200 x 40 grade 80% max bucket ECO and 40 x 40 grade 40% half bucket NORMAL

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