LG OLED EX TVs will be sleeker and 30% brighter

LG has announced its next generation of OLED TV technology, OLED EX, which will boost brightness by a whopping 30%.

OLED EX utilises deuterium compounds and machine learning algorithms to produce a sizeable boost to brightness and accuracy. Deuterium is twice as heavy as normal Hydrogen, and permits the display to “emit brighter light while maintaining high efficiency for a long time”.

Meanwhile, LG’s “personalised algorithm” learns individual viewing patterns and and precisely controls the display’s level of energy input, resulting in more accurate colour and detail.

Besides boosting brightness and image accuracy, LG’s EX technology has enabled it to reduce the size of its bezels. With its 65-inch TV, that works out to a reduction from 6mm to 4mm.

We feel duty bound to point out that the ‘EX’ part of the name is said to be an acronym of ‘Evolution’ and ‘eXperience’, which sounds dubious to us on several levels. But as long as the core technology enhancing our TV picture, we’re prepared to let it slide.

LG has been making some of the best TVs in the business for a number of years now, ever since it became the first company to mass-produce OLED TVs in 2013. The LG C1 gets our vote for one of the very best TVs of 2021.

The company enjoyed a strong 2021, with a 70 percent growth in OLED sales. This was all the more impressive given a 12% drop in the global TV market.

LG will have a presence at CES 2022 in the first week of January, assuming the event isn’t cancelled altogether. The company has revealed that Transparent OLED will be one of the big innovations on display.

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