Lighter and faster Apple AR 2 already planned for 2024

Apple is planning to launch a new, lighter AR headset – an Apple AR 2, if you will – in 2024, according to a new report.

You might think that all focus would be on the the first generation Apple AR headset, which is tipped for a 2022 release. According to established Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors), however, Apple is already looking to what comes next in the augmented reality space.

This Apple AR 2 headset will apparently be lighter and faster, with a superior processor taking its place alongside a new battery system.

Apple’s initial AR offering (aka Apple Glass) is already sounding like quite a proposition. It’s expected to have Mac-like power (likely meaning it’ll have one of Apple’s own M-series chips powering it) and be able to operate independently from an iPhone or Mac.

Kuo also has a few fresh morsels of insight concerning this first generation AR effort in his latest note to investors. Apparently, Apple’s AR debut will between 300 and 400g and will be able to “seamlessly switch between AR and VR”. That last one sounds like a nifty trick.

This quirky product might sound like a niche effort from Apple, but Kuo claims that the company sees its AR headset replacing the iPhone within a decade. If you want to know what comes next after the smartphone, well, this could be it.

You might have an agonising wait for the future of personal communication and connectivity, however. Recent reports suggest that the first Apple AR headset could face a wait of as long as six months between its announcement and its launch.

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