Mad Faces

Mad Faces, now available for free on Apple and Android devices, aims to celebrate everyone’s narcissism with a group selfie game. Cards that capture the disdain of modern life are drawn and players make faces or act out their reaction to that card in front of the camera. Players vote for the most messed up, surprising or funny reactions captured and upload on social media.

The cards are slices of life. From comparing people’s faces to Caitlyn Jenner’s beauty to what not to do when confronted by a street gang, Mad Faces captures the frustrating, scary and awkward situations in life that people are faced with.

‘I remember when my friends were posing for a selfie and we all wanted to do a gag one,’ says Mad Faces founder, Arnold Vongsuvanh. The game was created to be played in groups at any time of the day.

Developed with Elegant Media, key features of the free to download Mad Faces includes:

  • More than 150 cards in the main deck
  • More than 50 cards in the Adults Only expansion pack
  • Automatic turning of the photo into a meme format
  • The photos are able to be to be made viral-ready and shareable with friends on social media
  • Direct upload to Facebook
  • Unique voting system
  • Regular content updates including new themed expansion packs

About Mad Faces

Sydney based app company founded in 2015 with the intent of producing and redefining and legitimising selfie culture.

About Elegant Media

Melbourne based mobile technology company specialising in iOS and Android app development. Their previous works include PT In My Pocket, Asset Management and Kin. They have also worked with McDonalds and Coca Cola.

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