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Our mutual clients expressed a need for leveraging MCG’s Chronic Care and Transitions of Care guidelines within their existing Healthy Planet workflow.

MCG, part of the Hearst Health network and a leading provider of informed care strategies, recently released Indicia for Care Coordination and the solution now integrates with Healthy Planet. Healthy Planet is Epic Systems’ accountable care and population management system module, to promote healthy patient outcomes.

“Our mutual clients expressed a need for leveraging MCG’s Chronic Care and Transitions of Care guidelines within their existing Healthy Planet workflow,” said Jon Shreve, President and CEO of MCG. “They’ve been utilizing MCG as the trusted resource of evidence-based care guidelines for acute care management and now they’re also able to manage transitions and ongoing care of complex patient populations, all within their Epic workflow.”

The biggest benefit of this integration is that Epic clients can utilize a single resource for evidence-based clinical content. “Not only can providers get acute and post-acute care guidance, but they can get true guidance across a patient’s entire care journey,” said Dr. Laurent Tao, Editor-in-Chief at MCG. “And, care coordinators are empowered to conduct consistent evidence-based assessments, identify goals, and use the principles of motivational interviewing and teach-back tools to help the patient self-manage their condition, all within the workflow they’re already using.”

NorthShore University HealthSystem, a mutual client and an early adopter of Indicia for Care Coordination, currently documents care delivery in two systems (Indicia and Epic), making it a challenge to easily communicate care plans to physicians. With this Healthy Planet integration, NorthShore will now be able to fully integrate MCG into their Epic workflow to ensure that their entire organization, across the care journey, can visualize the plan of care for their managed care patients.

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