Microsoft announces accessibility-focused modular Xbox controller

Microsoft has announced a new modular Xbox controller aimed at those with accessibility needs.

Launched on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the Proteus Controller is an all-in-one Xbox and PC video game controller kit featuring a unique ‘snap and play’ set-up.

It’s got quite a different set-up to Microsoft’s own Xbox Adaptive Controller. The Proteus lets you easily snap together various vaguely cuboid components, each with interchangeable control surfaces (including Hall effect analogue sticks), to get the precise shape and configuration that meets your specific needs.

It comes with two central Power Cubes, each with its own battery and ability to pair to the Bluetooth Dongle provided in the starter kit. There are also snap-on handholds for a more traditional controller look.

Proteus Controller power cubesProteus Controller power cubes

It’s estimated that you can built more than 100 million different custom configurations. You can also combine more than one kit, and it’s possible to incorporate up to 30 modules in a single build. Individual buttons are mappable within an associated app.

Peripheral specialist ByoWave, which is making the Proteus Controller under the Designed for Xbox program, calls it an ideal control system for “one-handed gamers, gamers with chronic pain and generally anyone who is still able to press standard buttons and inputs, but who find the layout of standard controllers problematic or cannot hold a controller.”

The Proteus Controller is available to pre-order now. There’s a $299 (about £236) cost attached, but an initial VIP price knocks 15% off if you’re quick.

Units are expected to ship this autumn.

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