Microsoft is helping Xbox developers make greener games

Microsoft is launching new tools that would enable Xbox developers to monitor the energy consumption of their games in real time.

The latest sustainability efforts from the Xbox-maker would give devs the information necessary to set about reducing the carbon footprint of big hitting games.

Microsoft says it is responding to requests from developers to introduce monitoring tools to help gamers lower their environmental impact while saving money on their electricity bills.

While developers can already monitor metrics like thermal load, frame rate, pixelation and latency in an effort to lower energy consumption, they have requested more tools for optimising their titles to be as green as possible.

“Team Xbox listened, and we are now empowering game developers by providing development tools, global energy and emissions data, and title or studio-specific data insights that will connect purpose to Innovation,” Microsoft says in a blog post from GDC (via Eurogamer).

“The Xbox Developer Sustainability Toolkit includes analytical and visual systems, measurement tools, and resources to help creators make informed decisions about energy consumption and carbon emissions, associated with their game designs. The toolkit helps developers to leverage precision engineering feedback to help identify and reduce energy consumption in scenarios when a player doesn’t need it, thus ensuring the player experience is not negatively impacted.”

The studio behind Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, are already using the tools and, by lowering the resolution in one pause menu, the developer was able to reduce energy usage by 15% without impacting the player improvement. And that is only the beginning.

The launch of the tools come after Microsoft launched user-facing tools that enable users to download games and updates when low-carbon energy is being used by the grid, while also revamping the energy settings to lower consumption and energy bills.

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