Miele WMR 560 WPS Washing Machine Review

What is a Miele WMR 560 WPS?

No, we haven’t finished a mistake on that price, this is a flagship soaking appurtenance from a Miele W1 operation and will set we behind usually bashful of sixteen hundred pounds. It promises to be quiet, efficient, final for decades and be rammed to a cheeks with record and features. One of a many innovations is Miele’s TwinDos antiseptic system, that uses capsules specifically formulated for specific wardrobe such as silk and wool. You can still use customary antiseptic or glass if we prefer, however, yet a TwinDos complement is unequivocally effective.

With 10 pre-set programmes on a control dial and a accumulation of options accessible to supplement on as good as another 14 pre-set programmes to use underneath a serve programmes ensign on a control dial, this appurtenance unequivocally has a module for any fathomable form of rinse load. And, usually to finish a package, to strengthen from detonate pipes a estuary hose is propitious with an electrical reserve valve, that cuts off a H2O in a eventuality of a error or leak.

Miele WMR 560 WPS: How good does it wash?

For a tests we ran
three opposite rinse cycles; a 40°C string rinse with a 6.4kg (80%) full
load during 1600 spin speed, a 40°C string rinse with a 3.6kg (40%) bucket at
1600 spin speed afterwards a same rinse regulating a string eco mode. The choice
of an 80% bucket is some-more in balance with a genuine bucket as unequivocally few people
stuff their soaking appurtenance to limit capacity. We enclosed a test
stain frame in a initial wash, stained with dusty on ketchup, coffee,
blood, red booze and engine oil. To keep a exam offset with other
machines tested we used a vital code non-biological antiseptic washing
powder for all tests. We ran an additional cycle with Miele’s supplied
TwinDos antiseptic usually to consider a formula with that, too.

Miele’s timings valid to be intensely accurate, a best we have yet
tested with a initial rinse completing within one notation of a suggested
time, 2hrs 34mins, indicated during a start. The second half-load wash
came in 10mins progressing than a 2hrs 34mins suggested and a final eco
wash finished 2mins progressing than a indicated 3hrs 19mins.

to right: Juice, coffee, blood, wine, ketchup and oil. This excellent
result was with a normal contrast detergent. A following exam using
Miele’s TwinDos complement rendered even a oil roughly invisible.

we can see from a mark strip, a rinse opening is a best we
have seen in contrast so far. All stains have been private completely
save an relate of a engine oil manifest on a exam strip. Again, in an
endeavour to turn a personification margin we did not use any of Miele’s
dedicated mark dismissal options for a categorical test. But we did a final
test regulating Miele’s possess TwinDos detergent, and a formula were
absolutely glorious with even a engine oil rendered roughly invisible.

At this prove in a examination we substantially won’t be astounded to
hear that a Miele WMR560WPS went on to broach glorious spin results
in all 3 washes. All achieved possibly well-developed or good above
average with a initial rinse withdrawal 1.7kg (24%) of H2O from a dry
7.2kg weight of clothing, a second and third washes withdrawal 1.3kg
(36%) and 1.1kg (34%) respectively from a 3.6kg dry weight of clothing.
This is generally good in a eco rinse as we have found these
programmes tend to shirk a bit on a spinning (to save electricity)
therefore leave some-more H2O in a clothing. Not a box with this
little beauty.

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The TwinDos complement automatically injects a glass antiseptic and
fabric conditioner during usually a right time, and any one can final adult to
three months. You can fill a bottles with your elite code if you

Miele WMR 560 WPS: How loud is it?

“Is it indeed running?
Well we can see a soaking going round” was a opening acknowledgement upon
setting it running. The Miele is by distant a quietest soaking appurtenance we
have ever tested and gave us critical contrast issues.

noise in a exam trickery during daytime is around 45dB and on a
typical rinse cycle a Miele didn’t even register above that despite
Miele’s explain of 46dB rinse noise. Revisiting a exam in a passed of
night, a rinse indicated around 44-45dB, that is a wheeze in a
library quiet. To put that in viewpoint we have tested noisier fridge

The spin cycle is usually as illusory too. Miele claims
72dB though even on limit 1600 spin we usually totalled a staggeringly low
67dB. Again this is by distant a quietest soaking appurtenance we have tested
on any limit spin, let alone one as quick as 1600rpm – a previous
quietest, a Samsung WF90F7E6U6W, ‘only’ spins during 1,400rpm.  

a rinse and a spin a appurtenance itself was positively plain and
didn’t stagger or quiver to any discernible turn during all. Washing
machines simply do not get any improved built, improved featured or quieter
running than this.

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A preference of Miele’s possess CapDosing soaking capsules, any designed for a specific form of rinse or fabric.

Miele WMR 560 WPS: What is it like to use?

Fabulous. The easy to review four-line white content digital arrangement logically takes we by all a options and we roughly immediately became a large fan of a TwinDos complement for a convenience. The antiseptic is injected during a ideal prove in a cycle, adult to 3 times per rinse depending on a program, and allows a Miele to pledge a ideal rinse for adult to 19 opposite mantle types.

The fascia is a small old-school though advantages from it mixing a comprehensive morality of a dial selector from module and an LCD control row for a add-ons and excellent tuning of a wash. The arrangement has an accurate countdown timer and indicates what theatre a rinse is during and to let we know when it will finish. It also offers information about appetite and H2O consumption, state of a antiseptic dispensers and so on. Miele has left to some lengths to make a operation simpleton explanation and as we managed to use it though even looking during a manual, pursuit done.

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The huge porthole is easy to bucket and a double-glazed doorway opens and closes with a arrange of plain collateral we would pattern from a reward car. The splendid LED drum lighting is overwhelming and will stop those brute hosiery removing mislaid in a dim recesses of a drum, too.

The drum itself is a Miele SoftSteam Honeycomb pattern and, along with a pre-ironing option, promises to kindly well-spoken panoply for easier ironing. The whole appurtenance comes with correct battleship build peculiarity throughout, with any member feeling heavily over-engineered. Miele is flattering assured in a longevity too, charity a five-year pledge as standard.

Miele WMR 560 WPS: What programmes does it have?

Well we couldn’t find a module to make a tea though it does have a module for roughly all else. There are a customary cotton, woollen, delicates, churned and sportswear on a control doorknob together with denim, smallest iron and shirts. There is an Express 20, that is a super-fast rinse to modernise easily contaminated wardrobe and a Quick Power rinse that does a full rinse in an hour.

There is also a serve programmes position on a dial that will open a engorgement of additional pre-set rinse programmes, 14 to be precise, for all demeanour of things including duvets, curtains, pillows, silks and dim garments. Add this together with a ability to save adult to 10 ‘custom’ user-made favourite cycles and all a opposite options including adult to 3 stain-removal options per wash, and we can see that this is a many comprehensively program-rich soaking appurtenance on a marketplace today.

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Each bottle should final for adult to 3 months, so we don’t even have to fill it with antiseptic before any wash.

Miele WMR 560 WPS: How most will it cost to run?

Ironically, not unequivocally most during all! That is of march unequivocally good news as your purse will be painful significantly from shopping this product in a initial place. The total we achieved would prove around £30.82 per year in electricity. If we were profitable for metered water, there would be an additional £20-or-so in H2O over a year too. The Miele’s eco mode was a loyal eco by saving we H2O – 10 litres per rinse to be accurate – and was marginally cheaper to run. If we were to take advantage of a 24hr check start choice and had an Economy 7 electricity tariff, we could set this to run when a electricity was cheaper and make even some-more savings

All total were formed on an normal UK domicile use (200 x 40°C 80% max bucket and 40 x 40°C 40% half bucket with a 50/50 separate on normal and eco programmes).

Specific total for energy and H2O use are accessible on a Miele WMR 560 WPS specs page

Should we buy a Miele WMR 560 WPS?

If we can means it yes, definitely! Other than a sincerely vast seeking cost we can find positively zero to error with this appurtenance and many, many things to celebrate. It is fantastically good built, offers category heading features, a best sound outlay and rinse opening formula we have seen, and does all this in a scrupulously environmentally and economically accessible way.

If a WMR560WPS was a automobile it would be a top-spec S-Class Mercedes, braggadocio superb peculiarity and copiousness of tricks adult a sleeve though being watchful about them. Yes, OK, it is unequivocally expensive, though a Miele WMR560WPS is simply a best soaking appurtenance in a universe right now.

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