Mind Body Align debuts Labyrinth Adventures school curriculum

The Labyrinth Adventures curriculum was created by a cross functional team of licensed educators, instructional designers, illustrators, and graphic designers. Developed with maximum teaching flexibility in mind, each of the 16 lessons can be taught using three differing methods in just 15 minutes each day.

In this garden, a monarch butterfly named Tia, a grasshopper named Dwight, and a wise Tree, are three characters who build and maintain friendships with other friends. They navigate communication mishaps and other typical childhood challenges. Each curriculum level is age-appropriate for the grade; the current release is grades two and three.

The survey data on this training is compelling. Mind Body Align gathered data over many programs teaching thousands of students and educators of varied demographics. Nearly 100% of teachers reported gaining at least 21 minutes of additional teaching time per day. Plus, 92% of students improved in their ability to build and maintain relationships, manage emotions, and reduce disciplinary infractions. The ripple effects are also notable because 1 out of every 2 students taught someone outside of school the skills they learned with Mind Body Align.

“Our pioneering elementary school curriculum is cross discipline. It imparts knowledge while it cultivates the art of paying attention—the invaluable skill that bridges learning to life,” shared Julie Braumberger, director of education for Mind Body Align. “We looked at all the curriculum offerings for teaching these life skills and knew we could create a really special curriculum ourselves. We are innovative and created an equitable curriculum. It is truly a gem. We are now able to equip every child with the tools for a future of boundless possibilities.”

For a limited time, Mind Body Align is giving away a Labyrinth Adventures lesson and book on their website.

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