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Letter to 145s

Letter to MROs

MROfinder.aero is a meritocracy, and so is the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL most pro sports.

A level playing field, where all 145s can list highlight capabilities based on actual workscopes using merits such as:

DER | PMA | Free Eval | NTE | Part Expert | Modified ARC | Function Test Only | Extended Warranty | CAAC

Key benefits of a ‘Free to List’ meritocratic 145 repair capability listing platform outweigh the existing ‘Pay to List’ oligopoly:

  • Never pay to list. List highlight your Repair Station’s repair capabilities organically.
  • A level playing field for 145 Shops of all sizes.
  • Never pay to move up in search results
  • Move up in search results based on Actual Workscopes (merits) performed by your Repair Station.
  • The upcoming largest pool of participating 145 Repair Stations
  • We have shops listing on MROFinder.aero that do not list on ILS, OneAero-MRO, The145.com, Partsbase or Locatory.

145 Repair Stations are quickly realizing MROfinder.aero merits are an efficient effective way to target market RO capabilities to Airlines, Operators, OEMs Aviation Professionals.

Shops, Operators Aviation Professionals will save time, as well as reduce phone calls.

A special thanks to 145 Repair Stations listing capabilities in the last 60 days:

  •     Air France Industries
  •     Duncan Aviation
  •     MEKCO Group
  •     Aircraft Electric Motors, Inc.
  •     Co-Operative Industries Aerospace Defense
  •     Cool Start Aviation
  •     Jet Accessories Technicians, Inc.
  •     Quality Aircraft Accessories
  •     Sandia Aerospace
  •     25 Repair Centre
  •     Advanced Materials Technologies, LLC
  •     Advantage Aviation Technologies
  •     AEM Ltd
  •     Aero Instruments Avionics
  •     Aero Propulsion Support,Inc.
  •     Aerotech of Louisville, Inc.
  •     Air Cargo Equipment Inc.
  •     Air Transport Components
  •     AirCo Services, LLC
  •     Aircraft Components Technical Services
  •     AJW-Technique
  •     American Cooler Service, Inc.
  •     Apple International Inc.
  •     Applied Aerodynamics Inc
  •     Approved Turbo Components Inc.
  •     Avanti Aerospace Engineering Inc.
  •     AVIA Technique
  •     B W – Brakes Wheels
  •     Cape Aerospace Repair Services, Inc.
  •     Columbia Manufacturing Inc
  •     Cross-Check Aviation
  •     CVG Aerospace, LLC
  •     Doncasters Shrewsbury
  •     Engine Services Partners Sweden AB
  •     Global Aviation Tech Services
  •     Global Tech Instruments, Inc.
  •     Gyro Specialist Inc.
  •     Helicomb International, Inc
  •     Herber Aircraft Service Inc.
  •     Iliff Aircraft Repair
  •     Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics
  •     Mingo Aerospace
  •     Novo Aero Services LLC.
  •     Omnigas Systems, Inc.
  •     Paz Aviation, Inc.
  •     PECO Astronics
  •     Praxis Resources
  •     Prototype Enginnering Mfg. Inc.
  •     Regional Avionics Repair LLC.
  •     Silver Wings Aerospace
  •     SkyTeam International
  •     Southern Airframe Services Limited
  •     Summit Aviation
  •     Team Aero Services, Inc.
  •     Thrust-Tech Aviation, Inc.
  •     Toronto Sky Aviation
  •     Turner Aviation

We look forward to MROfinder.aero providing the aviation industry with the largest organic Repair Capability Search Engine


About MROfinder.aero

MROfinder.aero is a repair capability search engine to locate Repair Stations to Test, Repair Overhaul Spares Rotables.

MROfinder.aero is the only 100% meritocratic repair capability search engine in the world.

We never charge MROs to list capabilities and have created the only level playing field for 145 Repair Stations to list highlight repair capabilities.

MROfinder.aero is located at 234 East 17th Street #117 Costa Mesa CALIFORNIA 92627 USA

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