Nami ML’s Next-Gen Creator Dares Subscription Businesses to Deploy a Thousand Paywalls Without Code

With Nami’s updated Paywall Creator, companies can adjust pricing, alter positioning or launch a new design in minutes– everywhere they sell. If a company can create one paywall in ten minutes, then they can create a thousand paywalls in about the amount of time it previously took to create a single paywall.

With the power of a thousand paywalls, a company can run countless A/B tests and granularly target users to give every customer a personalized purchasing experience.

“The best way to grow subscription revenue is to get personal. Nami customers rapidly discover what resonates, which translates to more revenue. Nami pays for itself after a few tests, ” explains Dan Burcaw, Co-Founder, CEO of Nami ML.

Nami’s updated platform makes it easy to discover what each customer wants, then deliver a level of personalization never before achieved at scale. Paywalls can be contextualized at different moments – as your trial expires or when trying to access premium content, for example – or target CRM audience segments or even individual users.

Today’s release transforms how companies approach subscriptions. No longer is a paywall a mere product selection point – it is a marketing asset.

Burcaw continues, “The purchase experience is now in harmony with other marketing channels for a truly orchestrated subscriber journey. The result is accelerating revenue from a wave of loyal customers.”

About Nami ML

Nami ML helps brands deploy personalized purchasing experiences that foster long-lasting loyalty and drive revenue. Visit https://namiml.com and request a demo from a product expert today.

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Dan Burcaw, Nami ML Inc., 1 917-720-NAMI, [email protected], www.namiml.com


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