Nest Renew will seek out cleaner energy for you

Google has announced Nest Renew, a new US-only service that will enable its Nest thermostats to actively seek out cleaner energy sources.

The company outlined its new service in a new blog post from Ben Brown,
Director of Product Management, over on its product website.

Nest Renew will make it easier to support clean energy with several forward-thinking features. First up is Energy Shift, which helps you move your heating and cooling electricity usage to times when the energy being accessed is of a cleaner variety (think solar and wind farms rather than gas and coal), without sacrificing on convenience.

Google’s new service will also supply monthly impact reports, which shows you the impact you’re making in using cleaner energy. It’ll also show you when you’re using that cleaner energy throughout the day, which can help inform when you perform energy-intensive tasks like putting the washing machine on.

It’s now possible to earn Renew Leafs through energy-saving decisions, which then buys you the opportunity to choose which nonprofit organisation to invest Nest Renew funds into.

Google is also introducing a Nest Renew Premium program. For $10 a month, this subscription will match your estimated fossil fuel electricity use at home with renewable energy credits from U.S. solar and wind plants.

In order to take advantage of Nest Renew you’ll need to be based in the US and have a 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Thermostat E, or the latest Nest Thermostat.

It’ll start rolling out as an early preview through invitation over the coming weeks.

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