Netflix set to ditch ad-free Basic tier altogether

Netflix has informed its customers that it is to ditch its affordable Basic streaming tier.

The streaming giant has sent out an email to customers notifying them of yet another change to its subscription options. Netflix has revealed that it will be ending the ad-free Basic plan altogether from June.

There had been signs that Netflix was planning to do away with its Basic tier for some time now. Back in July of last year, we reported on the news that Netflix was starting to remove the Basic plan as an option for new and returning subscribers in the UK and the US, following on from a trial in Canada.

At around this time, new customers started being forced to go for the ‘Standard with ads’ option, which gives you the basic service with added adverts.

From June 4, it seems that entry-level tier will be your only option if you want to keep those monthly streaming outgoings down.

Netflix has tried to play up the positive side of this move, highlighting the 25% reduction in price (to just £4.99), the improvement in streaming quality (to 1080p Full HD), and the ability to stream to two household devices at the same time.

Of course, that pricing point is a little tough to swallow when you consider that the company has issued a number price hikes over recent years.

Anyone who wants to not have adverts interspersed with their entertainment will have to pay out for the Standard tier at £10.99 a month. Want to take advantage of that 4K TV into the bargain? Perhaps ‘bargain’ was the wrong choice of words, because that’ll cost your £17.99 a month for the Premium tier.

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