New Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming PC set to be announced later today

Asus will announced a new ROG Ally handheld gaming PC later today, it’s been confirmed.

The company has posted a YouTube premiere video that’s set to go live at 8PM tonight, GMT. Its title is a fairly unambiguous “The next ROG Ally is coming…”.

Given that it’s been only a year since the launch of the original Asus ROG Ally – an expensive (£699), technically advanced gaming handheld – it seems unlikely this is going to be a full-blown ROG Ally 2 follow-up.

Rather, we’re expecting a relatively subtle refresh. Indeed, such a minor overhaul was predicted in a Videocardz report earlier this week. The website called this new handheld the ‘Asus ROG Ally 2024’ in reference to its “mid-product refresh” status.

That report claimed that the new ROG Ally would pack much the same hardware set-up as the first generation model, including the exact same Ryzen Z1 chip. On the improvement front, it may feature a larger battery, and should also fix the widely reported SD card reader issue that has plagued some units.

We gave the original Asus ROG Ally a positive 4-star review, praising it as “a more powerful alternative to the Steam Deck”. We particularly appreciated its streamlined design and its Full HD display.

On the negative side, there are obvious issues with the ROG Ally’s battery life, so rumours of a model with a larger capacity cell would make a certain amount of sense.

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