NewNet Total Control STG System to Drive Secure Transaction Transport…

Cube Payment, Singapore has selected NewNet Communication Technologies Total Control STG Dial systems for secure transaction transport of their Dial POS transactions in Singapore. Total Control STG enables Cube Payment to support merchants throughout Singapore who rely on telephony-based POS systems to complete transactions. Total Control STG consolidates transaction protocol handling, transaction routing, high speed download, multiprotocol support and network routing within a single secure system.

Total Control STG transports millions of transactions per day as a high density transaction processing gateway that uniquely links dial-up POS transaction data with authorization servers supporting TPDU, ISO8583 and custom transaction protocols. As a result, Cube Payment is able to optimize transaction throughput and improve security with a return on investment enhanced by Total Control STG’s high density performance. NewNet Secure Transaction’s global services team contributed to a rapid Cube Payment deployment including on-site training to ensure success.

“Cube Payment selected NewNet solution to enhance its Managed Services capability and service offering by enabling high performance and secured transactions for our dial-up POS customers,” said Benjamin Chua, Head, Technology Operations of Cube Payment. “NewNet’s expertise in offering state of the art, leading edge payment solution enabled us to cost effectively achieve our system rollout and service deliveries with improved transaction transport security, reliability and performance.”

“Total Control STG’s PCI security, performance and reliability improves Cube Payment’s ability to cost-effectively transport Point of Sales (POS) transactions for merchants throughout Singapore”, said T.K. Cheung, President of NewNet’s Secure Transactions Division. “NewNet’s service and support contributed significantly toward delivering a successful implementation within targeted timelines.”

About Cube Payment Services

Cube Payment is a leading payment solutions and service provider in Singapore that offers unparalleled expertise and commitment across its businesses: Payment Terminal Support Services, Innovative Solutions and Managed Services on its enterprise-grade PCI-DSS certified infrastructure. Cube Payment’s Managed Services hosted a variety of solutions, including high-performance transaction gateway, digital receipt storage, batch file processing and terminal management system. For more information, visit http://www.cubepayment.com.

About NewNet Communication Secure Transactions

NewNet Communication Technologies’ Secure Transaction offerings includes Dial and IP transaction transport systems consisting of Total Control STG and AG1000 along with the latest TransKrypt™ Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) payment security for terminal line encryption and tokenization. These solutions offer secure payment transactions for ecommerce, mcommerce, and mobile payments.

About NewNet Communication Technologies

NewNet is a premier global provider of next generation mobile technology solutions offering over 25 years of expertise across four businesses: Mobile Messaging, Secure Transactions, Interactive Voice Communications and Broadband Wireless. Dedicated to innovation, NewNet provides operators and enterprises with a broad range of solutions that optimize global communication opportunities. NewNet solutions are available in a variety of applications including on-site, hosted, cloud and managed solutions. For more information about NewNet and its businesses, visit http://www.newnet.com

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