Now’s the best time to buy an Apple Watch Series 9

If you’ve been holding off buying an Apple Watch Series 9 until the right price comes along, now could be the ideal time.

Amazon is selling Apple’s latest smartwatch for just £344, which is a 14% saving on the £399 RRP. That’s the price Apple is still selling the Series 9 for on its own website, too.

Save 14% on the Apple Watch Series 9

Save 14% on the Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Watch Series 9 is being sold at a 14% discount on Amazon right now.

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  • Save 14%
  • Now £344

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It’s a smart saving on a wearable we called “a fantastic smartwatch for iPhone users” in our 4.5-star review. “It’s full of sensors, excellent software and high-end hardware,” we noted.

There’s no two way about it, Apple knows how to make a smartwatch. The Series 9 adds a sustainable (but classy) build, clever gesture controls, and improved Siri performance to an already compelling package.

Whether you’re wearing your Apple Watch as a fashionable accessory (its design can surely be classed as ‘iconic’ at this point), or you want a potent fitness tracker (all the metrics are nice and accurate), the Series 9 will see you through.

It’s as simple as this: if you use an iPhone and you want a smartwatch, this is probably the best watch for you. There’s the Apple Watch Ultra 2 for committed outdoorsy and extreme sports types, but you’ll need to be prepared to lay down double the money for that.

More, in fact, in light of this brilliant Apple Watch Series 9 deal.

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