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More than 60,000 college and university web professionals worldwide have access to version 10.4 of OU Campus™ as OmniUpdate released the latest update to its web content management system (CMS). This significant update includes new metadata APIs, enhancements to LDP Forms, a Tag Management feature, and two new gadgets. OmniUpdate also released OU Campus™ for Mobile, giving CMS users workflow functionality on the go. OmniUpdate (http://www.omniupdate.com) is the leading CMS provider for higher education.

“Version 10.4 includes new features and enhancements for every type of OU Campus user. It is now easier than ever to find and embed related content, collaborate more seamlessly, and manage your website from anywhere at any time with OU Campus™ for Mobile,” said Director of Product Development Shahab Lashkari. “Plus, we created new metadata APIs for developers, giving gadget creators far more power and flexibility than ever before. OmniUpdate is dedicated to building the very best content management system and digital marketing tools for higher education. Version 10.4 and OU Campus™ for Mobile are testaments to that focus.”

LDP Forms Enhancements

Enhancements to LDP Forms in version 10.4 comprise two new form element types, including a new date/time picker, plus the option for CAPTCHA, an advanced field for form customization, and a URL redirect option upon form submission. Updates also make it easier for CMS users to add all submitted form values within email messages.

Tag Management

Tag Management allows CMS users to tag content within the system, enhancing the content search and repurposing capabilities of OU Campus. Tags are account-wide and can be applied to files (pages, images, documents, and other binaries), folders, assets, and RSS items. Tag Management provides CMS administrators with a simple interface to manage tags, and CMS developers can query for tags or related content at the template level.

Notes Gadget

The Notes Gadget allows OU Campus CMS users to add public or private notes to any file or asset within the site. All public notes are available for viewing by other OU Campus users that have access to the file or asset. CMS users can also create private notes for their own viewing and can filter notes based on a date range, as well as edit and delete their own notes at any time.

Bookmarks Gadget

The Bookmarks Gadget provides CMS users with quick access to their most visited locations in OU Campus. CMS users can bookmark files, assets, custom reports, and more. Bookmarks are searchable and can be organized in folders, plus reordered via drag-and-drop functionality. To run Custom Reports, administrators can bookmark the results and reports will run each time the bookmark is accessed from the gadget, ensuring up-to-date information.

OU Campus™ for Mobile

Released alongside version 10.4, OU Campus™ for Mobile allows for on-the-go access to workflow, messaging, reports, and user management. Mobile users of the CMS can approve content for publishing, decline or reassign content, check their inbox and reply to messages, and see what content is checked out, pending approval, recently published, and more.

“At OmniUpdate, we’re fortunate to have seen a 25 percent increase in new customers in 2015, and a 98 percent customer retention rate over the last five years,” said President and CEO Lance Merker. “With OU Campus version 10.4 and additional updates planned for 2016, we’re looking to continue to grow and serve more colleges and universities.”

About OmniUpdate

OmniUpdate is the leading provider of content management solutions designed to streamline content administration and solve the digital marketing and communication challenges of higher education. Its user-friendly platform and award-winning technology and support empower customers to be engaged and personalized in their communications, cost-effective and efficient in their channel management, and scalable and extensible in their development. For more information, visit http://www.omniupdate.com.

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